Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Do Work

How many times have you heard someone yell DO WORK while you have been in the gym?  I never really thought twice about it.  It is just something you hear, and I have heard myself say it.  You are at the gym, and that weight isn't going to lift itself, so do work! 

I had one of those mind-blowing/game-changing moments the other day while playing on Facebook.  Let me back track a little.  A little info about me... I am a friend hoarder on Facebook.  I add friends left and right.  I especially add people when they are involved in things I love.  When I first joined CrossFit in Springfield East, I searched out the coaches right after a WOD with them and sent the Friend request. They are awesome, and I want to be their friends.

So after a WOD, I ran home and added Alissa, one of the coaches at the CrossFit in Springfield.  She was very nice to the newbie I was and really encouraged me while I was there.  She wasn't my coach long, but I kept her as a friend on Facebook (I hoard friends).  To me, she is very motivational, funny and talks about her WOD's, PR's and fitness goals a lot on Facebook. I find myself liking her status quite a bit.

The other day, she made a post talking about New Year Resolutions.  In her post, she talks about how people approach her about their goals and how to achieve them. She said a lot of times the conversation ends with the other person saying, "Well it's easy for you, because that's your job." 

She then reflected on that, and this is what she said:
"My job is to motivate and teach OTHER PEOPLE to workout. That is what I get paid to do. I do not get paid to workout. Then you could argue, 'Well it's easier for you, because you're already at the gym. You don't have to drive there.'  
"I'm sure we can all admit at some point, that some days we just want to go home as soon as we can, no matter how great our work environment, and I'll be the first to tell you mine is the best. Hell, I get to wear yoga pants all day, and when I get home, I change into comfier sweatpants. And that right there is all I need to argue that my job is better than yours. (Just kidding. To each their own. But really. My job rocks.) Some days I'm tired; I've been at the gym for 8 hours and it's only 1 pm, and I just want to go home, but I don't.  
"Working out is not my job, but I TREAT it like it's my job. I'm allowed some sick days, vacation, and 2 days off a week, like a job. It's mandatory. I can't not show up to work because I don't feel like it that day, so I have to suck it up and go anyway. I treat my workouts the same way. If it's not a rest day, and I'm not sick, I have to go. Not an option. I get paid in strength, confidence, good health, and some badass legs. (Sorry. Had to throw that in there to lighten the mood.) 
"So in conclusion, if your 2014 goal is to get fit, get healthier, etc., pretend you just hired yourself to work 5 days a week for yourself. Accept that job. The benefits are awesome."
 So this blew my mind. Treat my time at the gym like a job.  Clock in and DO WORK.  You don't miss work because the project your boss gave you that day is hard.  You do it. Don't cherry pick your workouts.  If you set a goal to run 5 days a week, guess what? When your alarm goes off in the morning, it's time to clock in and get those running shoes on and DO WORK.

If eating healthy is part of your goals, when you go to eat, clock in to your fitness job and eat healthy. Guess how you eat healthy?  You plan, you prep, you DO WORK before hand so you can be successful.  I know it is hard to prep your food Sunday night for the week, but do it. It's your job. Come job review time, you want all 5's and get that full raise.

But Chris.... I am just not feeling it today.  Go anyway.  Do something.  You are not expected to set PR's every day or run 20 miles every long run.  You "clock in" and DO WORK.  It might not be the best day at your job.  Trust me, everyday at my job isn't my best day, but I do have really good days.  I also have really good days while I am working out. The bad days have to happen; they help build that foundation.


Itz Linz said...

i love this! while everyone's "work" may look different or even our own "work" may look different from day to day, at least we (and people) are putting in the work!

MIZ said...


((leaps to feet and applauds))

Katie Bauler said...

Love! What I always think when I am working out is Nike's "Just do it." It's along the same lines. Of course, you know I could do better at doing it, but when I am up there, that is what's going through my mind.