Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December's Goals and Dare

November has been a great month.  I ran my first half marathon and set a new PR on my 5k.  I have also ran 105 miles. 

December is going to be that much better.  I have to lose 10 pounds to hit my goal of 100 pounds lost for the year. 

Here are a few of my goals for December:
1. PR on my next half marathon on Dec 18th
2. Run 5 days a week for the whole month
3. Run 110 miles
4. Cross train at least twice a week
5. Do amazing at my new job
6. Lose 10 lbs to hit my 100 lbs goal

So here is where you all come in.  If I do not hit my weight loss goal, I am going to have to do something, and I want you all to put something in the comments below. My wife will pick the best 3 things, and if I do not hit the goal, I will have to do one of those things.  We will put the top three things up to vote.  It could be anything from shave my head, wear a dress to work, run in a tutu for a week.  After you put you suggestion my wife will screen them and select 3.  I can't be running naked or anything.  :)  We will take photos and post pictures if it happens.... IF

I need this little bump to get past this funk I have been in with the weight loss.  The running has been going great! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Job

So, good things happen to those who wait.  I am a strong believer in this because of my new job.  I have waited for 3 years to find a new job, and I started one this week.  I started working for  It is a great company to work for and has amazing perks and benefits.  One of the best things is they will help pay for my running addiction! They give employees $400 a year to do whatever we want with as long as it is health related.  I would have to pay for the marathon or 5k and then submit a proof of payment and proof that it was fitness related, and they will reimburse me on my next paycheck.  How freaking cool is that!

So basically, Jenn and I are able to run Chicago this year.  We were not sure how we were going to afford it, but now they will pay for our hotel and the race.

It has only been Day Two of training, but it seems really easy and fun.  Lots of opportunities to make some serious $$$ as well.

My 12 mile training run last weekend went really well.  I was just 10 min off our half marathon time.  That is really good for it being a training run. Amy was a champ and rocked the whole thing with me!  

I ran 5 miles this morning; it wasn't the best 5 miles of my life and most was solo.  I had some tummy issues about 3 miles in, and that is never fun to run with. The good thing about my run this morning is that it put me at 101 miles for the month.  My run Wednesday is just adding to that.  It looks like I will have 105 miles.  That is a new month record for me!

Love my healthy lifestyle and cannot wait for things to keep getting better.  Love life!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

FitFluential Ambassador

I have some exciting news!  I have been asked to be a FitFluential Ambassador!  I am very honored and excited about this.  So many bloggers and healthy people I look up to are FitFluential Ambassadors, and I am humbled to be counted among them. 

Go to their website and check out what they are about.  (You can also click the icon on the side bar.)  I am very excited to be apart of this, and I am sure you will be seeing a lot more about it on my blog.  My goal was to lose weight, and this blog is a tool to help me do that, but it has turned into a lot more.  I have been able to help others be inspired to start working out and running.  It has been exciting to see others lose weight and get healthy.

I am excited to help others through this blog, and I will have more opportunities to help others as a FitFluential Ambassador.

Here is some information from Fitfluential Inc. explaining a little of what I will be involved in.

"We are creating a network of the best of the best when it comes to fitness bloggers and influencers. People with a passion. People with a voice. People like yourself!

Our goal is to work with both digital influencers and brands to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships. We don’t want you to just work with any brand, we want you to work with the right brand, one whose mission and goals align with your own.

The best part? We plan on taking these relationships offline – conference style. And we assure you that we know how to have a good time.

Ready to have a good time while making money, working with brands and doing what you love"

If all goes well, I will have run 105-106 miles this month!  I am very excited to get another 100 mile month in!  Marathon training is going great!  I had a rough couple of days this week with my shins and knees, but my run today was exactly what I needed.  I have 12 miles I am running in the morning.  That will be fun!  I think I talked Amy and Stef into running all 12 with me!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekend PR and 8 Mile Follow-Up

Our family had a really good running weekend.  My speedy wife ran the Shelby's Run 10K in our town Saturday morning.  She got first overall female.  Ran it in 47 min and PR'ed (first 10k ever).  She is speedy!  The great thing about seeing my wife grow in her running is seeing her confidence in herself grow.  She is FINALLY realizing the potential she has and how really blessed she is to have such a natural talent. 

I then ran my 5k that night in Joplin.  I got a new PR!  I was able to do it in 31:07.  That was about two minutes off my last PR.  Adam ran the same 10K Jenn ran that morning, and his knee has been bugging him, so he paced me on my 5K and helped me get my PR.  I am such a pack runner, and having someone like that helps me big time.  Here is a link to see me cross the finish line.  ROCKER STYLE!

I caught a ride with Jeff and Stefani up and back from the 5K.  It was in Joplin and over an hour away.  We had so much fun and laughed a lot.  Let's just say we were a bunch of 12 year-old kids laughing at everything.  Those poor high school girls at Mazzio's didn't know what to do with us.  Good times...

On Sunday morning, I rolled out of bed sore and tired, but I knew I had 8 miles to run.  I ran 6 with Trisha, because she didn't have anyone to run with, and then I went back out and did two more.  I ran into Jeff while he was heading back and he finished his run with me.  I was really proud of myself and the fact that I went back out and did my last two miles.  The Chris from the past would've just stopped at 6, but I finished strong.

For some reason, I felt like I was going to throw up my whole run today.  I wish I would have, because I think I would've felt better.  I am not the kind of person who can do that on command, and I hate puking, so I just dealt with it and only did 4 miles.  I figure I am going to be running extra on Thanksgiving, so I will make up the miles.  Thanks Trisha for putting up with my sickness this morning.  I am really needing a good Wednesday tempo run. 

Guess what? Only one day of Gannett left after today!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Okay, I am going to be honest.  My life is about to be thrown into a lot of changes.  Anytime it happens, I turn to food.  Starting a new job has messed me up before. 

I am trying to be proactive, and I want to be ready for what comes my way.  For 5 weeks, my shift will be 7 am to 3:30 pm.  That will not be bad. I will be able to get my run in and get to work on time, just won't get to go to boot camp.  But starting the new year, I start a 5:30 pm to 2 am shift.  The shift isn't going to be hard for me (I am a night person,) it's just what I will have to do next.  I will have to stay up and go run and then sleep after.  I know I can do it, it is just getting into the habit.  I really want to be ready for my marathon.

I will need your help to keep me accountable and on track.  I know when things will get hard and need help, and this is one of those times!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Running... It's what's for dinner.

I have really enjoyed my running lately.  I have seen great gains, and I have really pushed myself!  I have said it several times before, and I will keep saying it, but running has saved my life.  I would still weigh over 330 pounds if it wasn't for running. 

I have done the dieting and gym memberships, and that did help me lose weight, but I could never stick with it.  I would give up.  Something is different about running and running with a group of people.  Sometimes I hate the run but love the feeling I get when I finish.  Sometimes I love the run and get that runner's high when I finish.  Today was one of those days.  I didn't think I was going to enjoy my run this morning, because I ran last night to make up my miles. But it was great today, and I was on top of the world after.

I have run 15 miles so far this week.  I have 5 planned for Saturday and then 8 for Sunday.  That is a good solid 28 mile week!

Life is good.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trespassing Anyone?

Nothing starts the morning off right than an early morning run with a side of trespassing!

We tried a new route this morning.  On Tuesdays, we normally run 5 miles. Today, we did 6, and it felt good. The thing about running this new route is that about 3 miles of it was through all new area, so we felt like we were going a lot further than we were; we felt lost half of the time.  The good thing about that is that you are not stressing about the running, just thinking about not getting lost. 

I am starting to think that I treat every day as tempo day.  I am needing to pull back on my speed a little and work on my distance.  When I did that today, I was able to go forever.  I really didn't even pull back that much, just enough, and I ran almost the whole 6 with Karen. 

So on one part of the run today, we had to run through a school parking lot and down part of their running track.  The track had two spots that cut off into neighborhoods, so we took the first right thinking that is where we needed to go.  When we got to the end of the street, the street name did not match. So instead of turning around, we ran around the block, then cut through some people's yards.  It was kind of funny, but I think if I looked out my back window at 5 am and saw three people cutting through my yard, I would freak out or think they were up to something!

We got back on track and made our way back to the church.  It was a good run and a good time with Karen.

No run planned for me on Wednesday.  I am going to be DEER HUNTING!!!  Dad and I are only going the one day.  Let's just hope one of us gets something.  We really enjoy the meat and the time we get to spend together.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bass Pro Half Marathon Race Recap

I trained for 6 months for this race, and I did it!  I did it faster than what I expected.

The night before the race, Jenn and I dropped off our kids at my parents.  Paige was sick, and Devon started acting sick, so we were worried about them.  At dinner, Jenn said she was starting to feel icky and was worried about being sick as well.  We finished dinner and went to go see The Blanks (Ted's Band from the show Scrubs) and had a lot of fun, but by the end of the show, Jenn was running a fever and felt sick.  We were worried she wasn't going to be able to run the next day.  Also when we got to the show, I started a little jog to the front door and turned to see Jenn. She was limping and said her groin muscle was hurting.  So needless to say, we were worried about her.  The kids also got worse, and we figured my parents were not going to be able to be at the finish line.  They were amazing for taking care of them for us!

Jenn said our family prayer that night and prayed that she would feel better.  We both got a great night's sleep, and she woke up feeling 100%, so for that we were grateful.  Our running club was in charge of one of the aid stations, and I helped set up before the race.  We had music, a movie, signs, and flags.  It was a really kick-butt water station!

We caught a ride up to the starting line, took our group photo, and I found Amy and Linda.  We lined up at the starting line and got ready to kick 13.1 miles in the butt!  I was so pumped when they said GO!  Linda and Amy had to keep telling me to slow down and pace myself; I wanted to just run with all of them, but I am really grateful they did tell me to take it easy.  Here is a video of the start.  Jenn is at 43 seconds, and I am at 1:30ish. 

The first few miles we just chatted; a lot of people passed us.  I saw a lot of friends, and they said "hi."  At about mile 3, a lot of the masses were ahead of us, and we ran with the same group of people for several more miles. We stuck to our 1 and 1 plan.  Run a minute and walk a minute from our Galloway training.  I was pushing us faster than what the 1 and 1 group was running.  I knew we could go a faster pace; I have run with Amy and Linda before and knew what they could do.  They would ask what our pace was, and I would just tell them that we were on pace! 

About mile 6-7, I started getting some stomach cramps and started worrying about throwing up.  I wasn't sure if it was the food I was eating or one of the water stops.  I just took it easy, and it went away just as quick as it came.  We ate well and drank from all the water stops.

Mile 8 and 9 were tough mentally for me.  We were running into a strong headwind, and we were getting tired.  Linda kept asking me for a funny story, but I couldn't think of one.  That was not normal for me. 

At mile 10, I hit my second wind about the time everyone else around us were hitting a wall or a mental wall.  I was singing and dancing.  Cheering other people on when we were passing them.  I kept telling people that all we had left was a 5K!  I think I might've annoyed a couple of people, but I was making Amy and Linda smile when I knew they really needed it.

The great thing about the 1 and 1, no one really passed us after mile 7, and we started passing a lot of people after mile 9.  We were blowing by people.  I would find someone and start picking them off one by one.  There was a group of three that were sticking with us all the way to mile 11.  We would pass them on a run, and they would pass us on a walk.  The second to last time we passed them, one of the girls said, "I am really getting sick of this run/walk crap these guys are doing.  We have ran the whole time, and they are keeping up with us."  I thought it was really funny, especially when all three of us finished before them. 

When I got to about mile 11, I ran out ahead.  I knew Amy and Linda were going to be okay, because they both said, "I know I can do this now." I went out strong and wanted to leave it all at the finish line.  Jenn was at mile 12 helping with our water station and ran me in.  The last 1.5 miles of the route are all up hill, so it was not easy.  I pushed and finished in 2:37.  If you remember a previous post, I talked about wanting a 3:40 but was going to shoot for a 2:30.  I came in right where I knew I could.  I am running another half in December, and I hope to be at 2:30! 

I had a ton of fun running with Linda and Amy!  They each finished strong and under 2:40!  They helped me a lot and kept me calm at the start and kept me going at the end!  Great friends!

It was such a cool feeling crossing the finish line.  Knowing my hard work paid off.  I am excited for Little Rock.  To be able to say I am a Marathoner!  Thanks for all your support! It is just going to get better!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Everyone is Okay

Sorry about not writing as much this week.  It has been crazy busy.  I put in my notice at my job, and I have a house full of sick people.  So the time I normally have to blog is gone, and I have been super busy.  I am getting ready to start a new job and make sure my family heals.

I am almost done with my half marathon race review. I want to do it justice and not do a quick one.  I will have it up on Saturday.  I ran yesterday and today, and both runs felt really good.  I am excited for Sunday's run.  We are running the trail at Wilson Creek Battlefield.  It is a 5 mile loop through some really cool civil war history.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Everyone is sick...

I have been working on my race recap from this weekend.  It was an amazing race, and I did a lot better than I thought I would.  I hope to have it out soon.  Things have been crazy.  My wife and two girls are sick, and I am doing my best to not be sick.  I have been busy helping them, and I hope to have my report done soon.

Just a little side note, I just wanted to tell you that I believe in the power of prayer.  Saturday night, Jenn had a temp of 101.8.  She was not feeling good at all.  We said our family prayer that night and in her prayer she said, "I have trained really hard for this race and this day, please make me well enough to race in the morning." That night she slept great and when she woke up, she felt 100%.  She ran a great race, and finished second in her age group!  She then helped with the water station our running group was in charge of and then ran me in my last mile.  The moment she got back in the van to go get our kids, the fever came back, and she has been sick ever since.  Heavenly Father knew how important that day was for her. 

So our goal is to get everyone healthy!  I didn't run this morning because I am feeling sick, and I had to take care of Jenn and the kids before I went to work.  I hope I can run Wednesday. My legs really need a recovery run.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Amazing Day Yesterday

A couple of really amazing things happened yesterday.  I GOT A NEW JOB!!!  I will be starting at Expedia in three weeks!  I am really excited to start a new job and be working for a company where I can move up and use my degree.  Very exciting!  I start the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Another really cool thing was my co-worker brought in a newspaper article that I was in.  Here is the online link.  I love Nixa Running Group!  We are so much fun.  We are having a potluck dinner tonight to get ready for Sunday's race.  Hello carb load, here I come!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Alarm Clock Blues....

I was really looking forward to my run this morning.   I knew it was going to be cold and that really didn't bother me... Remember, I bought tights!  But for whatever reason, I turned off my alarm clock in my sleep or my 4 am alarm didn't go off.  Not happy I missed my run this morning.  I might do an easy few miles Friday morning. 

I need to get to bed earlier.  How do you all get to bed early?  I have always been a night person, and I find it hard to go to bed early.

Bass Pro in 3 days!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

4 Days Till Race Day!!!

If you cannot tell, I am really excited and ready for my race on Sunday.  I am not nervous; I am just ready to do it.  Ask me Sunday morning and it might be different.  I am so ready for the weekend.  My parents are taking the kids Saturday night and then will meet us at the race and cheer us on.  That way, we do not have to worry about the kids that morning.  It will be a big help!

We are also doing a big Nixa Running dinner Friday night.  Getting those carbs for race day.  My running group is also working one of the water stations, and we have been putting things together and getting ready for that.  It is going to be EPIC!  So, come see us at Mile 25!  I will finish my race and come back and help cheer on the other runners.  We are so much fun!

I got a good 3.64 mile run in this morning.  I am just trying to take it easy this week so I will be nice and fresh for the race. Below is my menu for the day.

Breakfast Burrito
   1 Egg
   Salsa Verde
10 am Snack:
   Raspberry Yogurt
   Baked Potato
   Chicken and Black Beans
   Salsa Verde
3 pm Snack:
   Lasagna Rolls with Roasted Broccoli

Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November is GREAT!

Good run this morning.  We ran 5 miles this morning. I could've done without the stomach cramps, but hey, you take the good with the bad.  Like I said yesterday, it is time to refocus and kick some butt these last two months.  I have some pounds to lose and some miles to run.  I am excited!

Shannon gave us our marathon training program this morning.  Not going to lie, I had the deer-in-the-headlights look when I saw it.  Those miles jumped off the page.  I know I can do it, though.  It is called work for a reason, and if it were easy, everyone would be running marathons.  Only 1% of the world's population will ever run a marathon.  I am going to be one of them!

I feel ready for my half marathon this weekend.  13.1 miles are going to fly by! 

Also, I brought about 5-6 pounds of candy to work today.  My kids got a lot, and we had leftovers.  I am going to let my co-workers eat it all.  No way my family is going to have that in our house! Below is a list of my meals for the day.

Breakfast Burrito
  1 Egg
  Slice of Cheese
  2 Slices of Ham
  Salsa Verde
10 am Snack:
  Raspberry Yogurt
  Healthy Choice Chicken Parmasana 350 Cal
3pm snack:
   Stuffed Baked Potato with Salad