Friday, January 10, 2014

Say Hello

Remember that first time you ever walked into a gym, or met with a fitness group?  Remember how that felt?  Nervouscited!

For many people, it took a lot to get to that point to even walk through those doors.  It was a long process. Some might have a few pounds to lose, and others have several hundred.  Some just had something to change in their life. Some are looking for a friend.  Those that decide to change and go to a gym, box, boot camp, Zumba class and running group all had to start somewhere.  For a lot of people, that first time they go can make or break them.

Just remember how you felt when you first decided to join a gym or group.  I remember the times when people would walk up to me and befriend me, and I remember the times when no one talked to me and I didn't ever want to go back.

It is so important to say "hi" to a new face.  Welcome them!  Try to learn their name.  I'm terrible with names, but I try really hard to learn the names of my new friends at the gym. I was always so impressed when a coach remembered my name. Those who are new need to know that they have a friend at their new gym, box, boot camp, Zumba class or running group. It might be the difference in them making a long-term commitment rather than flaking out after a few times.

Here are some tips on what you can do to befriend the new person at the gym.
1. Say "hello".
          Simply telling a person "hi" and asking them their name is a big deal.  I still remember when Jarrod at CrossFit Springfield East came up to me, introduced himself, and welcomed me to CrossFit.  He showed me around and answered all my questions when I was just dropping in to see what it was all about.

2. Introduce them to others.
          You've made a lot of friends at this point at the gym or in your group.  Introduce the newcomers to your friends.  The next time they come and if you are not there, they will gravitate towards the people you introduced them to!

3. Workout with them.
         Don't just say "hi" and leave them.  Take the time to show them where things are.  Involve them in the rotation of the strength complex.  Run the first couple of miles with them.  Work with them.  This will go a million miles.  They will not be afraid to go to you for help.

4. Invite them back and encourage them.
         A lot of times they are so excited they just did the workout.  They might be dead tired, but they are excited. Tell them they did a good job, and invite them back.  Tell them you are excited to see them again.

5. When they do come back, talk to them.
        They may be sore, but they are ready for more. Talk to them about it. Talk about when you started and how you felt.

We all can use some new friends in our lives. So be the person you hoped to meet when you first joined the gym, box, boot camp, Zumba class or running group. Everyone wants to feel welcome. Friendship is magic!



misszippy said...

Amen to this! I do admit that the influx of new people at the gym every Jan. makes me a bit irritable (parking, locker room, etc crowded) but we have to be welcoming and serve as mentors.

Pamela said...

I was so scared on my very first trip to the gym. Even a friendly smile makes a difference.

Tenecia said...

I will be honest, I'm not very good about doing any of the things in your post! I definitely to do better!


Katie Bauler said...

CC- The only guy I know who would refer to My Little Pony and Step Brothers in the same blog. Yep, you have daughters.