Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Guess What I Just Did!

I did a 30 inch box jump today. YEAH, I KNOW!  How freaking cool is that!

I never thought in a million years that someone could talk me into doing that, let alone actually doing it!  

It really got me thinking.  How many really cool things have I been able to do and will be able to do later because I am choosing to live a healthier lifestyle?

I want to be able to be there for my kids.  I don't want to be that dad who doesn't go to my kids' events, because I'd rather finish my raid in a video game.  I want to not only be able to go to my kids' events, but I want to be able to go on a run with them.  I want them to come to me as a father and also as a coach.

I already get to workout with my wife.  We get to make a lot of the same friends doing something we love. Our kids saw Jenn doing some pull-ups the other day.  Micah has now started doing pull-ups. We were doing sit-ups on the GHD machine, and Devon walked over when we were done and tried doing them.  They see us being active and healthy, and they want to emulate that and when they are old enough, we get to do it together.

Paige and Micah joined the Clever Running Club at their school.  They have been running after school 2 days a week since school started.  They love it.  Paige has come a long way, and Micah, like his mom, is a natural at it.  This last Saturday, they ran the mile route at the Shelby's Run in Clever. Jenn has won the 10k twice in the last three years but decided not to run it this year so she could run with Paige. I told Micah to pace himself, but like I do on race day, he took off way too fast.  Jenn and Paige started off on a nice trot.
Paige and Jenn 
Devon and I hung out at the starting line chatting with others and at about the 8 minute mark, I saw a familiar figure turn the corner.  I realized no one had crossed the finish line yet.  I started yelling to Micah, "COME ON, BUDDY!  FINISH STRONG!"  He took off in a sprint to the finish.  He later told me that people cheering for him gave him energy and my cheering gave him the extra energy to run harder.  While I was cheering, a couple of the other parents said, "That boy is fast," and "Wow, he did it so fast."  He won the mile run!  He did it in 8:43. Paige had an accident about a half mile in, but she did great before then.  She would've finished too, but we had to run her home to change her. So proud of my family.
Micah winning the mile run
I cannot wait to see what new things my healthy choices will bring my way and how high my box jumps will go up once the weight comes down more.  In the two weeks I have been trying to eat healthy, I have lost 15 pounds!

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Heather Iacobacci-Miller said...

This is so awesome. I love hearing about families that are fit together. Such a great example to your kids!