Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dirty Money

I've acquired a nickname at CrossFit.

Dirty Money

It is because I wear this shirt almost every time I go to work out. It isn't a fashion statement. It was born out of embarrassment.  Turns out you do a lot of things that require you to put your hands over your head at CrossFit. So for Week One of CrossFit, I spent the large majority of the class pulling down my shirt and telling the people in the class sorry for my fat hanging out.

So I dug through some of my older clothes.  I wasn't able to wear any of my tech shirts, because they were too small OR they were too small. I found a shirt that has always been too big for me. The Dirty Money shirt.

Post Workout Today
Dirty Money was the name of the softball team I never played on over two years ago.  I paid the money for the shirt but never went.  It was when I was around my heaviest, and with the thought of going out and trying to play softball out in the heat, I decided to pass at the last minute.  The shirt is a 4XL.  It was big on me when I got it.  I never did wear 4XL, but I was on track to be wearing it.

So Dirty Money went into the closet, then a drawer, and then a box... until I needed it 3 months ago.  I pulled it out, cut the sleeves off and started wearing it.

Dirty Money in Action
So I solved the problem of the fat hanging out in public. That is as sexy as it sounds.  It was important to me, because I wanted to focus on the workout and not my gut. Eventually, the coaches started calling me Dirty Money.  Mel at CrossFit East.  Joe and Macy at CrossFit Republic. It has kind of stuck, because... well...I wear it all the time.

In the last three months, I have seen big gains in my health. And yes, my sexy gut has started shrinking again, but I am not ready to retire Dirty Money.  I have tons of shirts to wear, but I am not quite there yet.

Here is the deal.  I am getting close to the day when I don't need to wear it anymore.  On that day, we are taking it out back after the workout and burning it.  Retire and burn that dirty money!

It is also my daughter's birthday today!  She turned 5!  I cannot believe how fast she has grown up.

I love that my kids get to come to CrossFit with us every time.  They watch through the window, and they LOVE it there.  Sometimes, they even cry when it is time to leave.  They like to come out and show us that they can do some of the moves as well.  I'm going to have some fit-minded kids!


Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

love that your kids love cf so much! and i can't WAIT for the day where you do a post about retiring dirty monkey. Keep up the great work!

Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

I want to say what Lindsay said..I look forward to the post about the burning of the shirt.

Happy birthday to your daughter. They grow up unbelievably fast! I babies are 36 and 32!!!

It is so great that fitness is becoming a part of your kid's lives. I will stick with them forever!

jillconyers said...

Me too! Keep it up and you'll be inviting us to the burning in no time!

Great read :)