Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's a TRAP and Surviving the Hungry Days

Hey, did you all know I have traps?

True story.

I have seen them on other people.  I have even been told that I have always had them, but yesterday I actually felt and saw one on me.  I had one of those "what the crap is that?" moments when I went to scratch my shoulder, and then I flexed.

Actual image

I did one of those manly little girl squeals while jumping around. I always wanted traps.

Yes These
Is it weird to ask co-workers to feel your traps? Maybe. It is moments like these that help make those last few sets in the gym worth it.  Me? With traps? Whodathunk!

Today was a hungry day.  A hungry day is a day where I can eat everything and never be full. I have been doing really good on eating clean and healthy this week.  I really have not been tempted to cheat.  I have that eye of a tiger focus going.  If I didn't have that focus, today would've turned into one of those eat-everything-in-site-and-then-look-for-more kind of days. Days when I would eat breakfast at home, get to work and order a double of biscuits and gravy. Then, I would eat my lunch from home and then order a couple slices of pizza.  On the way home, stop in at Wendy's (my former mistress...) and get a couple of succulent fried chicken sandwiches.  At home, I would have a double or triple serving of dinner AND then snack all night on chips and soda.

The Hungry Games
No wonder I put all the weight back on.  The messed up part is that in my head I only had breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I didn't even think about all the extra stuff I had throughout the day. It was expensive, and I would lie to myself and my family about it.  

Food is my weakness.  I don't think anyone really understands until they have gone through the trash to get the food you just threw away and then eat it.  I have thrown away half a box of donuts and then went back for them.  Food addiction is real.

The moment I walk into work, it is a battle to not go order more food from the cafeteria.  It is a battle not to stop at the drive-thru.  I can leave home with all intentions to not get that food, and the next thing I know, I am ordering something.

It is easy for me to find a fitness routine and stick with it.  I enjoy it.  I crave it. But when I try to eat better, I mourn the loss of pizza, chinese food, and anything else I love to eat.  I am an emotional eater.  So for me I have to mourn the loss of something I love.  I understand it is okay to have free meals, but I was eating those things all the time.

It just takes time, and I am getting there.  I think I am almost to the point where these hungry days are not so devastating.  I was good today.  I didn't cheat. I was healthy.  The coolest part about surviving a hungry day is the next day you feel amazing.  Then the next hungry day is that much easier and farther in between.  Love my healthy living!

How do you make it through those hungry days?


Charissa said...

Hungry days? I sit down and cry. Then I eat. A lot.

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table said...

Good for you!!! Once it becomes a habit, healthy eating is so much easier. Plus if you know you have a weekend "treat" day coming it helps... or at least it helps me. Like a light at the end. ;)

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

love those last two sentences! great job!!

Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

Proud of you for winning the battle. Being healthy and strong, for yourself and your family, being able to see those lats, has to feel much better than any burger ever could.