Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Okay, the gym isn't always the place where everyone knows your name.  BUT, I challenge you to make the effort to get to know the people you are seeing everyday at the gym.

I am still waiting for the moment when I walk into the gym, everyone stops what they are doing and yells, "CHRIS!"  Yes, I am old enough to make a Cheers joke.

But seriously, let's take a look at our good friends, Norm and Cliff.  They are best friends.  They look forward to seeing each other everyday. They make the effort to be there, and if one isn't there, he is missed.  It is the same thing at the gym or a running club!

I not only look forward to getting the workout in, but I look forward to seeing my friends.  When I was running, I had friends I ran with every morning.  The mornings I didn't want to go, I knew that my partner wouldn't have a person to run with.  So I got out of bed.  I now look forward to seeing the friends I have made at CrossFit. (I didn't make it through a whole post without saying it...)

Why is it cool and important to make friends with these people?  Well, they are working towards the same goal as you are. That moment before the workout where you look at each other and know we are both sore from the thrusters from the day before, knowing the suck that is about to happen, but excited to reach new goals.  It is great.

The fitness community is great.  Guess what, no one at the gym wants you to fail.  No runner wants you to not get a good run in.  They are cheering you on.

Another cool thing about getting to know the people around you is that you might realize they have the same names as your cousins.  THIS HAPPENED TO ME.  I have two cousins, Meradith and Natalie. Not the most common names but super cool cousins.  Well in my effort to get to know names at CrossFit, I met a Meredith and Natalie on the same day.  MY COUSINS' NAMES! So I have two workout cousins!

Meredith, me, Natalie
Jenn and I have made some good friends!  The kids have made some good friends in childcare.  We have not found a bad thing about getting healthy.

So here is my challenge.  Say "hi" to someone new and get to know their name.  THEN when you see this person the next time, tell them "hi" again AND "it is good to see you."  You will make a friend.  Friends are cool.... Just as cool as Norm and Cliff.
Oh and I maxed on my power clean today.  I thought I could get a lot more, but I got in my head and started thinking too much about it.  I maxed at 175 lbs. I almost got 185. I will get it next time.  I was shooting for 200.  I will get it!

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Katie Bauler said...

Excellent stuff. There are hardly any regulars in the gym at the time I go, but there is one girl who comes about 2-3 days a week. I should get to know her name. The other day, she told me she could see a difference in my weight. It was a great feel. We do exchange a wave every time we come in.

Then, there's Sean. He works in my dept, and we have the same lunch, so he started coming to the gym with me. I still think this counts, because we don't really talk that much during the day, but our gym times have bonded us. He is in incredible shape and that mofo always seems to be doing the same reps I'm doing, only better. The good thing is, it pushes me to work harder, and knowing that he'll be there keeps me accountable for showing up, even if he never mentions it.