Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Blind Leading the Blind

I may or may not have got lost this morning.  I may or may not have cut through someone's back yard.  I may or may not have jumped a fence.  Today's 10 miles was an adventure. 

I am one of the slowest in my running club and the slowest training for a full.  So that someone is with me throughout the run, someone will start with me, and then I will meet another person on our route to finish the run with me. The first 4 miles were not bad at all, and Amy ran with me.  We had good conversation and the miles went quick.

I met up with Mike right after.  He is training for the half marathon and had to run 6 miles. It was his longest run to date, and it was fun to run with him.  I knew the route really well for the first few miles.  It was after the Nixa Center that we got lost.  We did find Mike's wife, and she ran with us.  She wasn't sure of the route either, and she hung back for us.  I thought I knew the route, but I got turned around.  We were running and chatting.  We should've come up on the road, and it just seemed like we missed it.

Then we came up on Hightower road; it was way in the wrong direction.  We were supposed to follow a road through a neighborhood and meet up with the street the center is on.  At this point, I knew we were going the wrong way, and I thought we just went too far, but we just went the wrong way completely.  I saw a big field, and I thought it was the elementary school.  If it was, we just needed to run down Hightower and then come out to the track and onto the road we were supposed to be on. But when we got to the end of Hightower, there wasn't a path or track on the field.

So like normal people, we thought it would be a good idea to cut through someone's back yard and jump their fence. So we did, and I realized that the field was part of the center.  We were nowhere close to where we were supposed to be.  We were so turned around.  The good thing is that we still got our miles in.  So we laughed and cruised in our last two miles.
This might've happened to me.
It is always an adventure.  I was really happy for Mike as well.  That was the furthest he has ever gone and did really well.  Finished really strong.  I am glad I was able to help him through those last few miles. 

I am also very blessed to be a FitFluential Ambassador, and many of my fellow ambassadors have made similar posts to my Get Motivated post.  Please go take a look at their posts, and get some good ideas if you are wanting to get started on your fitness journey.

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I will post more blogs from my good FitFluential friends throughout the weeks to help you all get some good tips on starting your fitness journey!

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