Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Exciting Stuff Coming

Hey, everyone!

I have been a little out of the blogging world the last few weeks.  The holidays and starting this new job has thrown everything out of place.  Things are about to calm down, and my new work schedule is going to kick in next week.  So I will be back to my normal blogging routine.  Sorry for all of you who missed me.  I know you all have.

So, I have some really exciting things coming up starting this year.  I cannot give too many details out, but you will love it, and it does involve giving something away.  You will want to check this out; it is very cool.  I am also going to do more video logs.  I have started a youtube profile.  Heavysteps5k.  Feel free to follow me.  I only have one video right now, but I will get more!

You also need to follow me on Twitter if you do not already.  @cajacrosby DO IT!

So my goal for this week is to add up all the miles I have ran for the year!  I am thinking I will be around 800, but I am hoping for more. That will be fun to add up.

I do have some bad news.  I know I will not make my 100 lbs goal for the year, but that is okay.  I may or may not have to run one day with a tutu.  I have changed my life for the best, and I have lost a lot of weight.  A lot like you all, I am going to take a look at the new year and kick butt and get back on track.  I wish I could tell you more about what I am doing the start of this new year, but it will for sure get me on track and the weight will fall off.  Just stay tuned... I am so excited!!! 

I am going to go run in the morning. Got 4 miles planned, and it will be great!  Oh, and did I mention that I ran 18 miles last Saturday!  18 MILES!  That is the furthest I have ever ran in my LIFE!  Those last three were killer.  Also, I am on track for a 6 hour marathon time.  I am just wanting to finish!  A faster time would be amazing, but just finishing my first will be great. Then, getting faster for my other races will be better. So far I have two marathons planned for 2012.  Little Rock and Chicago.  I am sure I will be talked into doing another! 

You all have a great rest of the week, and I will check in Wednesday!


Running, Loving, Living said...

Great job on your blog and your weight loss this year!!!! Even if you don't reach your 100lbs you still have done fantastic!!!!

it's all about pace said...

good job on the 18!

SarahLynn said...

Chris keep up the good work and you will get the 100 before you know it.