Monday, December 5, 2011

Hard Work = Working Hard

Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking about why something isn't easy.  Why is eating healthy so hard? Why is getting up at 4 am so hard? Especially when you think about how really simple something like not eating extra food is.  Just don't do it, but it is not easy (for me).

Now that I have a lot more people reading my blog, I really have been trying to keep up the positive posts.  Today has been one of those really hard days. I want to be honest and show people who have just started their journey that we all have those hard days, too. Everyone has bad days.

Today, I have wanted to eat everything in site.  I had way too much to eat at dinner.  Why is it so hard?  I guess that is why it's called hard work, because you have to work hard at it.  Truly if it was easy, everyone would be healthy and working out everyday.  It is hard to start; it is hard to eat healthy.

I know some people will disagree and say it is easy. Well good for them.  It is easy for you, and God has blessed you with the ability to be better than most of the world, because I have to work at this.  Daily... Give me a box of Special K, and I will destroy that thing...  It is healthy right?!?!?

I am not alone in this process; you are not alone.  We need to continue to work hard at this hard work of living healthy.  The people out there who make it look easy really work hard at making it look easy! 

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Mike said...

Love the honesty! Stay strong man and keep going!