Friday, June 28, 2013

I Had A Mistress and Her Name Was Wendy...

I love Wendy's.  I love their 99 cent crispy chicken sandwich.  I love the 99 cent frosty.  I really love the Baconator. It became a problem.  I would get it on the way home from work.  I would go to the bank and withdraw money so Jenn wouldn't know I was getting Wendy's.  I would hide the paper bags.  I would come home with crumbs on my collar.  Jenn started calling Wendy's my mistress.  I think she really does not like that place anymore because of my food addiction.

Most nights when I left work, I would tell myself, "You are just going home. You are not stopping to get Wendy's."  Then, I would get halfway there.  "Okay, maybe just a single sandwich.  Not the normal three I get with the frosty."  Finally, I would be pulling into the drive-thru and get to the window.  "I would like 3 of your 99 cent crispy chicken sandwich and a frosty."

I would eat the whole thing the rest of the 7 miles home, and hide the evidence.  At home, I would eat dinner with the family.  Right after I ate the food from my mistress, I felt instantly guilty and mad at myself.  Each one of those chicken sandwiches are 350 calories!  We cannot even afford it.  Why am I doing it?  I know better.  I would just eat.

What they look like in my mind
One night about 4 months ago, it was getting late, and I was heading home from my improv class.  I looked down at my gas tank and saw that I was almost out of gas.  I was almost to the city of Republic and felt that all too familiar pull to Wendy's.

I was coming up on the light right before entering the city, and the car did a slight sputter.  I had a choice.  Turn left at the light and get gas, or turn right at the light and get Wendy's.  I was going to do both either way, but my stupid need for fried chicken and sadness won.  I ordered my usual and got to the second window.  They asked me to pull up, because it would be a few minutes to get my chicken.

So I pulled up, and as soon as I pushed on my break, the car died.  I ran out of gas. I sat there, not even 200 yards from a gas station.  I waited for my chicken.  Then, I walked across the street to see if the gas station had a gas can I could use.

Of course, they did not have one.  She said I could buy a gallon of water, dump it out and fill it with gas.  I told her, "Thanks... but no thanks."

So I called Jenn.  "Hey, Jenn. Guess what? I just ran out of gas and coasted into the parking lot at the Wendy's.  Yeah, I know, crazy.  I barely made it all the way around the building into the parking spot in front of the drive-thru.  Yeah, that is crazy..."  Of course, she didn't believe me.  She knew what I was doing.  Caught greasy-handed.

What they really look like. Not good at all.
Good thing we have some friends in Republic.  Crystal came over to Wendy's, and let me borrow her gas can. I was able to fill up and head home.  It was very embarrassing and very preventable.

I still have to make a choice on what way I am going to turn at that light almost every day. I can turn right and eat fast, fattening food, or I can turn left and go to CrossFit.  CrossFit Republic was opened in the building behind the gas station.

Now I take a look at my former mistress and say, "No, thank you."  I turn left and see the love of my life Jenn and the gym, and we work out.  It is hard when we are running, and I smell that fried chicken scent across the street. But it is a reminder of a place I never want to go back to.  I am going to stay healthy this time.

So moral of the story.  Don't choose the right. Choose the left, and get gas and fitness.


Shaffer Sisters said...

Chris have you heard of the book, "Eat This Not That?" The authors of that book wrote a book called, "Cook this, Not That!" They have recipes that are healthy alternative to restaurant cooking. It might be a good book to purchase so that you can have a few of the tastes you love without the other.

Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

Thanks for the honest post. Good luck in continuing to choose the left (which is the right) turn.

Jen said...

Definitely pull away from the fast's going to call your name and tempt you. So happy it all worked out for you in the end.

Becca Campbell said...

This post really resonated with me. I've definitely had those feelings about food, life and other addictions. It is hard to make a change, but that feeling when you choose the left, really makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing, Chris.

Heather said...

Kudos to you Chris. You are such an inspiration to so many (including myself). I am so happy you are back on the path of fitness & good nutrition. I battle with food addiction myself as it is a daily struggle. But each day that I get through and have made better choices is a great day in my book. Keep up the great efforts and as you already know, it will pay off in so many ways.