Monday, July 18, 2011

Always a Silver Lining

This stomach issue has not gone away; it just gets worse.  It has been a week now.  I had a few good days in the week, but Saturday night was the worst.  I went for a run that night, and it was not pretty.  I had to come home after 3 miles.  I did not sleep well that night.  I was up every 30 minutes running to the toilet. (You're welcome, I know you love the details.)  I did not eat anything on Sunday, and if I tried, I would throw it up.  I am very dehydrated and just miserable.  Last night was not much better. It was just every 2 hours I was up.  I had to call into work.  I feel horrible.

Here comes the silver lining..  I weighed myself and I now weigh 248 lbs!  WOOT.  lol..  I know that as soon as I can eat again, that will go up because I am so dehydrated, but I am just trying to think positive.  I just need to get healthy so I can keep running.  I hate missing days.

Everyone needs to sign up for my Gotein giveaway.  It is super easy, and it's free Gotein!  DO IT.. My self esteem is kind of hinging on it.   No pressure.  :)


Big Clyde said...

Ha! I know the sickness is gross, but I am with you on the accompanying weight loss. Just add food back slowly and you might keep some of it off.

~Becky~ said...

Feel better soon!