Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Day of Boot Camp

Steven and I have made some friends and the fitness center and they asked us to start coming to the Tuesday/Thursday boot camp at the fitness center.  So today we gave it a try and it kicked our butts.  I love the feeling of being absolutely exhausted after a workout and I felt that today.

Steve is the trainer and he is a super nice guy.  He had us do interval training today and his goal was to keep our heart rates up for 45 minutes straight.  He took us through a whole series of workouts.  Lots of squats abs and upper body.  I have to admit that I had to stop and sit out for some of it because it was a little to hard but I am not going to quit.  I know it will get better and I really feel like this will be a great addition to my fitness goals.

If it was easy everyone would be doing it.  Keep working hard and towards your goals.  5k is less than a month away.  I am really excited about it and I know it will challenge me and I will grow from it. 

What are you doing to work towards your goals?


wam said...

Hey, it's great seeing that you're doing other activities beyond running. Although my gym doesn't have "boot camp" classes, it does have "train it" classes which are similar and boy do they leave me wiped; however, classes like those will certainly help make a much stronger runner, as well as build muscle definition which will really help fire up the metabolism (thus burning much more fat).

As to your question about goals... I'm working on training up for my first half marathon, so have been doing my regular runs; however, the latest itch I have my sights on is a triathlon. Been going to a masters swim(*) class 3 days a week for the past few weeks. The classes are at 6am and let me tell you, I am not a morning person, but it's what I need to do to reach my goal so that's what you gotta do. Anyway, great job on expanding beyond your comfort zone! Keep it up.

ps. "masters swim" is an age designation (over 18 yrs), not a skill designation. I am so far from being "a master" at swimming that it's not even funny. The lessons are making a world of difference though.

Jim said...

Chris, you continue to impress. Boot camps are not for the faint of heart and you dove in. I am glad you keep pushing it. Keep it up!

SarahLynn said...

Well I am trying to get to the point where I workout 5 times a week. So I have scheduled it in my day and on my calendar. Next to it I put the 10 reasons why I should work out. I really want Just dance 2 because I think it would be a really fun workout from home game but I decided that I needed to show I am serious about getting in shape. So I multiplied the price of the game times two. And for ever half of an hour I work out I get 50 cents towards getting Just Dance 2. So with all those things in place I feel like I might be joining the team of people who consistently work out.