Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 5 I'm Not Scared

Okay... maybe a little.  I did do day 1 today and it felt great to finish it.  I did a 5 min warm up, ran 5 minutes, walked 3 minutes, ran 5 minutes, walked 3 minutes and finished strong with the last 5 minutes.  I cannot believe I am doing it!  It felt great to finish and it wasn't a major struggle to finish the last 5.  I got into a grove and just ran... slowly but I ran and did not stop.  In the three minute walk times, I am finding it doesn't take as long to recover.  Day 3 of this week is a 20 min run and I am nervous but I feel like I can do it!

Thursday I am going back to boot camp.  Just because its hard, I am not going to quit.  The idea of a 45 minutes butt kicking workout is exciting to me now.  Its such a great start for the day.

It was good to hear from you all yesterday.  You can reach your goals.  Keep working hard.  I think I am stuck at 302 on my weight loss right now.  So my goal is to break through this and be under 300 by the end of this week. 

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Jim said...

Awesome job Chris. Don't worry about the 302. It will come on its own. Focus on the fact that you can run 15 minutes! Just keep doing what you are doing, the rest will fall in place.