Friday, February 25, 2011

Reblog from One Twenty Five

I have no idea how to reblog something from Tumblr to Blogspot.  Please see what E from One Twenty Five said about being fat! I will also post it here. 

"Let’s face it, being over weight sucks. It does, it really, really does. If you don’t think this, I will challenge you to pull a Tyra Banks and wear a fat suit for a day, and I promise you, you will easily be converted to the tune of, being over weight? Yea, it sucks.

No matter how many cushions you place on your lap, how perfectly you apply your makeup, how black your clothes are, how well you curl your hair, how slim fitting a dress is, how sharp a suit is, people can tell you’re fat.

It’s one of the few vices that is public for the world to see; without taking a single breath, a stranger will know your weakness -> food (embarrassing, no?).

Being over weight in today’s perfectly airbrushed, gym obsessed, salad ordering world, especially if you’re of the female variety, isn’t that much fun and takes a lot of work.

A lot of hard work.

There’s the obvious physical effort of being fat, things are just harder. Everything is harder. Getting out of bed each morning is harder. Stairs become evil obstacles throughout your day. Walking between two locations becomes a subway ride because you don’t want to get sweaty, I can only assume if you have kids the task of playing with them is quite daunting, and the list goes on my friends….  This really isn’t too shocking as being over weight is literally like carrying weights around with you all day, every day –annoying, inconvenient and a lot of work!

Then there’s the physiological stress of it all. Exhibit A? See archives of this blog.  The amount of stress caused from being over weight is ridiculous.  What do I look like? Do I look fat? Can people tell I’m fat? Are people judging me? Does this make me look skinny? Will that fit? Can I fit there? Am I going to die early? What are my insides like? Will anybody ever date me? Sooo many questions that plague our days. It’s stressful, and quite frankly a waste of time and energy.  

Of course there is also the act of dieting.  Fat people are always on a diet, or trying to diet.  And dieting? Yea.. it’s hard work. It takes effort, it takes time, it takes persistence. You gotta read up on what to do, count things, write things down, measure things, remember what you ate, plan ahead, prep… oh God, just writing that out sounds like effort.  You’re constantly fighting with yourself, can I eat that? No. But I want that, maybe? No. Just this one time? No. O.k., maybe.. wait, No. Constant mental battles full your days when you’re fighting the battle of the bulge with yourself. It’s time consuming, and can become an absolute obsession, again, it’s hard work.

And eventually being over weight takes it’s toll. The days, months, years pass and every morning you wake up, promise yourself it’ll be different today(!) and then, BAM! for whatever reason, it wasn’t…

My point to my ramble? It occurred to me last night that maybe, just maybe, being fat is actually HARDER than trying to lose weight. Huh, well I never…

Don’t get me wrong, losing weight takes **a lot** of effort too, but the actual act of losing weight only lasts for a set amount of time and the benefits are HUGE, whereas being fat? Being fat you’re in this continuous state of hard-work, but with no positive outcome.

I now know, that if you’re going to live each day fighting yourself, you may as well be trying to get get healthier, at least there is a a HUGE-WAHOO!-FABULOUS-HIGH-FIVE outcome at the end, as appossed to a constant BOO-THIS-IS-HARD-AND-I’M-NOT-EVEN-GETTING-HEALTHIER/SEXIER aspect. 

Just my random two cents for this Friday morning, take this with a grain of salt (or Mrs. Dash if you’re watching your sodium)."

She is the bomb!  Everyone follow her blog!

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