Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You can't do a push-up?

"Okay, everyone down, and do 10 push-ups, and no cheating!" My 11-year-old mind went into a panic. I can't do push-ups and the whole class is going to know.  So I got down and did my best.  I looked over and saw some of the girls in my class on their knees, so I did the same.

"Wait wait wait! Crosby do a REAL push-up!" yelled my teacher.  "I can't do one," I squeaked. "You can't do a push-up!?"  The whole class laughed.  He then proceeded to get down in the push-up position and cranked out 10.  "See Crosby, that is a push up! Now do one."

I tried and could not do the push-up. Everyone watched me.  The next three weeks were hell.  People made fun of me and told me I should try to do them against the wall.  They called me fat.  It was moments like these in life that really hurt, and I did turn to food for comfort.  I did spend many hours in my mom's arms crying.  I cannot let these moments in my past control my future. 

I am going to run a marathon in November.  I doubt any of them now can say they have done that!  Oh, and I cranked out 10 push-ups this morning!


Paul Rone said...

BOOYAH!! Get some, Crosby!

Perpetual Beginner said...

I had a similar moment with chin-ups. And the beginning-of-the-year race around the track. And several other things.

I hated gym.

This year my goal is to do a proper chin-up.

Davey said...

Behind you everyday bro!!