Thursday, February 24, 2011

Special K... You make me feel so special...

One of my weaknesses is Special K....  It is healthy, so I justify a bowl... or two right after dinner.  I love cereal. Back in the day, I could destroy a box of Family-Sized Special K in less than two days.  So Jen and I are not going to buy it anymore.  A part of my own personal process has been cutting out the things that will hold me back or things I have issues controlling.  I had a weak night last night, and Special K was my down fall. I am not going to let it be an option anymore.

Also, I have really made it my goal to only weigh myself once a week.  It has been so freaking hard.  I was used to showering and then jumping on the scale to see how I was doing.  I know that once a week is the best way to go.

Boot camp was very good today.  I love how it just kicks my butt.  Going to keep working hard and rocking the workouts.  25 minute run on Friday!  Woot woot!


Paul Rone said...

Had to do the same thing with ice cream, once upon a time. it's hard to do, but the sacrifice is worth it

Perpetual Beginner said...

That's why I take my kids out for ice cream a couple times a month. It costs as much as buying several times as much for home, but it restricts my ice cream eating to one scoop twice a month, instead of relying on my self-control to keep me from devouring it by the half-gallon.