Friday, February 18, 2011

Last day of Intervals

HOLY CRAP!  I have just finished the last day of my interval runs for my Couch to 5K program.  Its all about the long runs now.  All next week its 25 minute runs.  HOLY CRAP!  My 5k is 2 weeks away!  Will I be ready???  I know that even if I don't run the whole way, I will have a ton of fun.

I have started feeling so good.  I cannot believe the changes that are happening to me and in my life.  I have a lot better attitude.  My doctor was very happy with me.  I go to bed at a normal time and wake up early. 

I am really excited about Saturday.  We are celebrating my birthday and going to go get Nakatos (Japanese Steak House).  Don't worry.  I will be good the whole day.  I am even doing the Group Strength class in the morning. 

Life is good!

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