Friday, February 11, 2011

Running is Mental

Running is mental.  I know that can be taken several different ways and I know my friend Jim will say "I told you so" because he thinks I am mental for running and I am going to have to agree with him!  I am really starting to love running and that is crazy to me.

I hit a huge accomplishment today.  I ran 8 minutes straight, walked 5 minutes and then ran 8 more minutes.  The first 8 minutes were okay and got hard at the end.  I really concentrated on getting my breathing back to normal before I started that last 8 minutes.  The last 8 was killer.  I wanted to stop after the first minute, but I kept going.  I wanted to quit and give up the whole time but kept telling myself to keep going, keep pushing, don't give up and you know what.. I didn't give up and I didn't stop.  Running is mental, you got to keep telling yourself to go and do it.  It was a huge milestone for me.   I might or might not of shed a tear or two.

I am confident that I can do day 3 of week 5.  20 minutes without stopping.


Paul Rone said...

Rock on wicha' bad self, dude!
20 minutes nonstop? You can do that, man.

Steve said...

You've already done 16 minutes. You can do it Chris just keep a steady pace and breathe. Don't give up! You can totally do this.

Jim said...

Great job!! Yes, running is a mental disorder. If something isn't trying to catch you and eat you, running is dumb! Keep after it man you are tearing this up!

BTW I will be at the Marshfield 5k in a helper, not one of the dopes running.

Lindsey Rahn said...

I have a little experience with running and so I might offer some tips. One summer at BYU-I, I decided to run a marathon. I started from zero, just like you, and trained 5 months and yes, I ran my marathon. I probably ran about 18 miles total, with walking in between every few miles or so. (that's ok to do at a marathon)
Anyway, some things I learned were:
1. Drink Gatorade, it will replace your electrolytes and you will have more energy and not be as sore.
2. Your distance is proportional to your speed. If you want to run longer, run slower. Try running at walking speed and you'll be able to get your 20 minutes in no problem. It's called JOGGING, and it still counts.
3. Run outside every chance you get. There are so many things to look at and you get so deep in thought that you'll accidentally run twice as long as you thought without noticing. Plus, wherever you run, you have to come back, so that's more incentive to run more even after you're tired.
4. It's best to count total miles ran AND walked when you're keeping track of your miles/week. Walking is allowed at the races, and lots of people will get a better time if they give themselves a short walking break.

Tara said...

20 minutes? You can do that, no doubt!!!!!!!