Friday, February 25, 2011


Week 7 has been completed.  I did not want to get up this morning and run.  I wanted to stay in bed and sleep the whole day away.  That feeling did not go away driving to the fitness center.  But I ran anyway, and those first 5 minutes were a mental battle. Once I settled into the run, it felt good.  Week 8 is next week. I run 28 minutes Monday and Wednesday. On Saturday I will run my 5K.  I know I still have a week left if the C25K program, and I will complete it. But I did sign up for that 5k, and I will rock it!

I got to the gym this morning, and my brother was no where to be found.  I didn't want to wait too long.  I did my run, stretched, and showered.  I was about to leave and guess who comes rolling in.  He said he didn't set his alarm, but I am thinking he just wanted that little extra sleep this morning....  Sketchy bro...  Sketchy...  I am still glad you came today!

So I do not trust the mileage of those indoor tracks.  Does anyone have experience with them?  My pedometer said I went two miles again today but counting the laps I did, I only did 1.8 miles.  I really do not trust both of them.  I really need to map out some more outdoor runs next week and run them to be ready for my 5k.  Maybe I will get a better idea of how far I am going.  None of this sketchy indoor stuff.

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Chanelle Lockard said...

here is a site I really like to use to map out runs...I like that it shows me elevation changes and everything so I know what to expect. Hope you like it!