Monday, October 10, 2011


Okay, this weekend I had a flashback of the old Chris, and I didn't like it.  I ate too much.  I didn't run at all.  I sat around and did nothing.  I thought it would be a nice relaxing weekend, but I wasn't happy.  I had a headache, and I guess I wasn't that fun to be around.

Operation Get-My-Butt-In-Gear has started.  I am back on my very strict food requirements.  I am going to really work hard on finding the appropriate balance of fueling my body and losing weight.  I am going to work out every day I have planned and give 100%.  It is go time.  No more slacking and making up excuses.  If I want to hit my 100 pound goal, I need to refocus.

I need your help.  If you see me eating crap, call me out on it.  If I miss a run, call me out on it.  If I am crying in a corner, point and laugh at me.... Okay, not really. Give me a hug, because I am hungry, sore and tired. 


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