Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I just realized that I have been at this 291 days.  I have never stuck with something this hard for that long.  What a really cool feeling! I only have the rest of my life to keep going! 

When I finished my run today, it wasn't my fastest tempo day, but that wasn't what I was going for. I was trying to run the tempo I wanted to run my half marathon at and see how I felt after the run.  We ran 4 miles in a 11:30 pace and felt really good doing it.  I really felt like I could've went another 9 miles no problem.  That is about a 2:30 half marathon pace! 

My first goal was to be under 3 hours, and I have already done that.  I blew it out of the water by 7-8 minutes.  Now I am looking at the 2:30 time.  I know that it is a perfect case scenario, but if we do not set goals and work towards them, we will never know our true potential.  I had someone tell me they always have three goals for a race.  First is the best case scenario, when the running gods smile down on you kind of time.  For me that is 2:30.  The second goal is your more realistic goal, the one you have been training for.  Me, 2:40.  The third goal is for when you show up at a race and everything kind of falls apart, and you just want to finish but still with a goal in mind.  Me, 3:00. 

So there you go.  Bass Pro half marathon here I come!  The run this morning was so cold again.  I was better prepared but still need gloves and tights!  My legs were FREEZING!  Felt good to run, though.  Love it!
Manly Men!


SupermomE12 said...

It is great to have goals, especially goals that push and challenge you. That is how you keep getting better!!! I am excited for your race. :)

And too funny... my kids LOVE Robin Hood Men in Tights but my hubby HATES it. :)

Jeni Brown said...

"Lets get out of these lady clothes and put on our tights"
Thats awesome that you already beat your 3 hours time I am sure you can do it again keep up the good work!

T. Monier said...

So I am just starting out, and go to the Meyer Center as well. I found your story through their facebook post about your blog or facebook page. Either or, I found you. You and I have the same starting weights, and I have the same wants / goals that you are achieving.
My question to you is to start out did you work out daily? So far I am going 3-4 times a week as time permits. I have made my first session appointment with a trainer this Saturday. Also did you have a lot of trouble with shin splints? I keep having a lot of pain, and can't get rid of it.

Thanks for being an inspiration, and doing what you are doing!

Chris @ Heavy Steps said...

That is great! I am so glad you are going to start doing this! I am here to help any way I can!

I did start off working out daily. I would run Mon-Wen-Fri and do a class at the Myer Center Tues-Thurs. I go to bootcamp Tues and Thurs at 6:15 in the morning and that made a real big difference. I really enjoyed the group aspect and the group support.

Shin splints are not fun, and I did get them. What I did is that I went to Starting Block here in town and had them watch me run and walk and then they helped me by shoes that corrected a small pronation (my ankle rolled in on my right foot) and that helped me big time. Some of my friends even when to a foot doctor and they helped with shoe inserts.

Let me know when you are at the Meyer Center and maybe one of these Saturdays we can work out together! Great job, it is super doable but it is hard at first and feel free to contact me anytime you need help or motivation!