Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Running in the Rain

Okay all you fair weather runners...  Just because it is raining, doesn't mean you can punk out and not show up to run today!  When we normally have 30 people, we only had 9 this morning!  Running in the rain is GREAT!!

This morning was tempo day, and my goal was 10 minute miles.  Well, I failed at that today.  I know why I did.  I went out way too fast.  I am supposed to warm up a mile and then kick it in, but I tried to keep up with speedy Tiffany and ran my first mile in 9:46 pace.  It felt good, but I always do that to myself, go out too fast and struggle.  The reason I want to catch up with Tiffany is because we are going to train for the Little Rock marathon together, and it is nice to have someone at the same level as you to run those long runs with.  She has been kicking butt and getting way faster.  She destroyed me today! 9:30 something pace for her 4 miles today. 

Shannon, Jeff and Christa ran with me today.  They walked when I did.  My legs didn't hurt, it was just the cardio.  I start sucking wind and struggling.  I know it will get better as I keep training and becoming stronger. I was mad about not doing as well today, but my mom pointed out that I ran 4.2 miles today in the same time it took me to run my first 5k.  So I am getting better; it is a process.  Another thing I am noticing is that when I do have to walk, it doesn't take me long to recover and start running again.  Before it took me a lot longer.

It was raining and lightning pretty hard at times this morning.  Lightning makes me nervous, and it wasn't the smartest thing in the world to be out there in it, but it was fun to watch Jeff curse after every lightning strike.  He would be mid story and lightning would strike, so the conversation would be something like this, "We have to drop him off before we @*#$ #$*@ can get you, and then we can pick you up or meet @$^(# !($&!! you at the church."  I am not sure if anyone else noticed it, but I was dying.


it's all about pace said...

I too enjoy running in the rain

Tara said...

Rain I can handle....lightning freaks me out too much. Last year I went to a hospital that had a basement for a tornado warning. I was in the 'tunnel' under the hospital with others waiting out the storm. One of the doctors (a surgeon I believe) was talking about how he saw a man struck by lightning in front of him and die. He said it was terrible and not the way he wants to go. So..I don't like the lightning.

Terzah said...

I love rain runs too! Lightning's another story, but if it's far away it can be inspiring (inspiring me to run faster, that is).

Congrats on signing up for Little Rock!