Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From Bad To Good

I have said it before, and I will say it many times again, running is mental!  I was so frustrated with myself going into my run this morning because of my crappy weekend. I psyched myself out of running to the best of my ability.  I started okay but then walked, got lost and then realized I cut out almost a mile out of the course, because I couldn't keep up with the people in front of me.  It was just frustrating, and I kept getting down on myself.

Chris saw me walking and checked up on me. I started listing excuses on why I was walking and then I thought to myself, "Self, stop justifying and giving excuses and GO."  So I started running with Chris.  I was determined to see how long I could stay with him.  I think he realized it as well, and he kept me at a 9:30-10 min pace for about a mile.  I was blown away.  I needed that.  We finished strong.  He talked me through the hard parts.  I wanted to stop, but I kept going.  There was nothing wrong with me; it was just all in my head.  As soon as I decided to run and do it well, I rocked it. Stupid brain all up in my business. 

Running is mental, and we are all insane.  I am still learning to shut off the old Chris.  The Chris who gives up, the Chris who doubted himself.  He has held me back for so long, but it is hard to let go.  I got to keep stepping up and moving forward.  Thanks again Chris Cochran for pushing me today and showing me what I can do.

Wednesday is tempo day.  I am going to do better than last week!  I got to get faster! 

Oh did I mention? I am signed up for LITTLE ROCK!!  I am doing the full!  WOOT WOOT!


David- said...

Running is mental. That doesn't change. Ever. Congrats on the run. Nice to have good friends/mentors along the way. Little Rock? Awesome!

it's all about pace said...

my favorite quote from "Bull Durham" - Crash Davis: "You just got lesson number one: don't think; it can only hurt the ball club."

I tell myself that alot....