Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

It is Thursday!!!  One day closer to Friday! 

1. I am tired... very tired.  Like almost fell asleep driving to my run and then the gym this morning...  Work is going to be interesting today.  I might be playing my driving mix at work. You know, the songs you know every word to and you sing along to help you stay awake.  You would think "working" would keep me awake, but I just stare at a computer monitor and paperwork all day.  I think I am going to go to bed at 8 today....  Yeah right...

2. Hills, hills, hills and more hills.  Today was a hills day.  Hills make me stronger and faster, but they hurt!  Plainview is a beast of a road; some of those hills I am not sure I could drive up when there is snow on them.  I look forward to running up them.  I do love running down hills; I feel like I am going so fast and I really do not have to work that hard.  It is kind of scary at the same time, but I enjoy the thrill.

3. So I talked Jenn into registering for the Little Rock Marathon as well.  This is going to be so much fun.  It was a little hard to be excited about it last night because of the cost.  We are going to have some kind of yard sale and try to sell some stuff to make the money back.  Yeah it costs money, but I have to have that kind of a race to stay focused and motivated.  It will also be an amazing adventure to get to that point.  I am really excited that both of us are going to be doing it!  We will be marathoners!  This just got real, true story.  (David, I have started saying that now because of you! HA.. True Story)

IT IS ALMOST FRIDAY!!  Also a quick question.  What is your favorite cold weather running gear?


Carolyn Cox said...

I love to wear an undershirt that is long sleeved (actual shirts for running of course) so that I can roll up the sleeves if I get too warm. I almost wear ear warmer things that are just a headband and some simple gloves. Usually, I end up taking it all off, but at the beginning, I really need it!

TxOkWa said...

I can relate to the costs of races...I work a part time job and that is helping support my racing habit!