Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tempo Day Victory

Okay, so last night Shannon posted that the people running the marathon this weekend in Texas needed to take it easy and run with someone who is slower and help them push it for tempo day.  She then asked who wanted the help.  I, like the smart person I am, said "MEEEEEE!!!!"  Shannon then proceeded to ask me what my pace is.  I put 10:15 and then quickly second guessed myself and switched it to 10:45.  Shannon then said, "10:15 and you got me!"

I got really nervous and started really doubting myself.  Then I got excited about being able to be that quick. For the next few hours before going to bed, I was nervous and then excited and then doubtful.  I made sure I hydrated well that night.  It almost felt like I was getting ready for a big race.

When I woke up this morning, I was even more a wash of emotions.  I even thought about just going back to bed. I had to snap out of the negative funk.  I started trying to self-motivate and pump myself up.  YES, I CAN DO THIS!  The 5k I PR'd was a 10:30 pace!  I should be able to maintain a 10:15. 

When I got there this morning, I didn't have time to worry anymore.  Shannon called me out and we went for it.  I was supposed to take it easy my first mile, but I didn't.  I ran a 10:24 when it should've been an 11:00 pace for the warm up.  I felt really good the first mile.  I was talking and joking around.  The second mile was a 10:05 pace!  I was really starting to breath hard then.  Adam did make us laugh when he told us he was worrying about what pair of shoes he was going to wear for his marathon!  I slowed down some the third mile but still held a 10:20 pace.  I felt like I was going to die at the end of mile 3.  I had to stop and walk a little.  I had just destroyed my last 5k time.  I communicated by grunting and whimpering.  We walked a little and then started running again.  I then got in my head and walked again.  I was ticked at myself for walking.  I wanted to finish strong and was determined to push myself again.  The last mile was a little over a 12 min pace because of the two walk breaks.  My overall pace for the 4 miles was 10:44. 

I was really happy about what I was able to do today. I wanted to puke and give up.  I kept my pace the first 3 miles and achieved my tempo goal!  I really enjoyed running with Adam, Shannon and Christa today.  I am really wanting to get to their speed so I can run with them more often. We are always able to go further than we think we can.  That is why it is important to set hard goals and to go for them.  It is just icing on the cake to have such a rocking support system with me every morning!  LOVE IT!


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David- said...

You inspire me with every blog post. Keep up the awesomeness. Really nice to meet you at the Route '66 race.

Terzah said...

You're so lucky to have a group of friendly people to help you push your limits!