Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bass Pro Marathon and American Cancer Society

Last night, I signed up for the Jeff Galloway Run/Walk/Run program.  I am very excited, and I feel this is exactly what I needed.  I need a program that gives me structure and direction, and I will love having a group of people at my level I can run with.  From what I was told, these groups become very close, and I am very excited to make new friends.

I will be running the Bass Pro Marathon this November.  I think that with the next 6 months of training, I will be ready for it.  Jenn is going to do the half!  It is also a run/walk/run program, so this is very doable for me. I am also running the marathon for a charity, American Cancer Society!  My Mom worked for them for many years, and I have seen all the good she has done in the organization. I figured I wanted to help as well.  Most importantly, I am running this for my Grandpa Crosby.  He has been battling cancer for a few years now, and I wanted to do this in his name.  More information on this as I find out more.

Lots of cool, exciting things are happening.  I am excited and motivated again, and that is what I needed.  I am also running the Nixa Relay for Life 5K this Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th.  This will be a great run for a great cause.  If you want info for the race, let me know.

Thanks again for all your help and support.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! A marathon and for all the right reasons!!! That's awesome!