Monday, April 25, 2011

Time To Refocus

I ran my 5K on Saturday, and we forgot our camera so we don't have any pictures.  Sorry. 

There was a large number of people there, even with the bad weather.  It was different running in the rain.  Jenn said she enjoyed it.  I am frustrated with myself.  I did it again and started way too fast.  I tried to run with my friend, Bill, and that was nowhere near the pace I train at, and I started getting winded way too early.  Then, my knee started bothering me, and I had to walk.  I finished in 42:57, which was not as good as last time.

Jenn got third again!  She is amazing.  There was a large group of people, and she was able to get a new PR as well.  We really think she has a hidden talent she never knew she had. 

I think it's time to refocus and start getting serious again.  I am going to start swimming and biking for the next two weeks.  This way I will be able to do some rehab on my knees, and I will still be able to really increase my aerobic capacity and lose weight.  I will also be training for a triathlon sprint distance.  Kill two birds with one stone!

I also need write down my goals and make a weekly plan.  I slept in this morning and only got a 20 minute workout.  It was easier to be on time or early when my brother was coming.  Now, I need to write out goals and work towards them.

I also need to refocus on my food choices.  I have had a really bad 2-3 weeks when it comes to food.  I have gained weight, and it is frustrating.  I have just wanted to quit, but I know that isn't an option, and I need to refocus and keep working hard.

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Mike said...

I like your plan to focus on low-impact sports like biking and swimming. I did the same thing for the same reasons-running injuries at my heavy weight. It did a lot for me mentally by breaking up the monotony of single sport training. I really got into biking last year once I got past the aches and pains of being a beginner.

I have volunteered to be a helper/assistant for beginner triathletes this summer. It's going to be taught by Eric Johnson (Level 1 USAT triathlon coach) from the Starting Block. It would be a good opportunity to meet others and pick up some pointers and tips on technique.

It's ok to have off days and even an off week here and there. Just refocus and get back on the wagon.