Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Knee Hurts

For the last two months, I have had a little pain in my left knee but nothing serious.  I would just start my run, and it would go away.  On Saturday, at my 5K, it didn't go away.  I think it was from all the extra hills, and I am not used to running on hills.

On Monday, I didn't run on it; I did the elliptical.  Tuesday, I had boot camp, and the only time it hurt a little was when we did jumping jacks.  Today, I tried running on it again. Steven and I did a slow mile, and it hurt for a good half of the time.  So, I am going to really focus on cross training the rest of this week and next Monday.  I will do other things besides running, and I hope that will help my knee heal.

On an exciting note, I joined the Ozark Mountain Ridge Runners (OMRR) this month and told one of the officers about my weight loss.  He asked me to write an article about what I have done for their monthly newsletter.  I will post what I wrote when they put it in the newsletter.  If you have been following my blog, it will not be anything new.  I was very humbled and excited for the opportunity.

I have also been talking to Ben Davis, and we are trying to get him out here to Springfield.  I am typing up a proposal to him tonight, and I hope some exciting things will come of it.  Stay tuned!


Carolyn Cox said...

Does it hurt just under your knee cap? If so, there is a simple, cheap, strap you need to get. I had one knee bothering me and I tried the strap and wow! I used two just in case my other knee started bothering me. I got mine at Walmart. They are just under $10 each, but they work! The condition is called runner's knee.

wam said...

Runners Knee can indeed be exacerbated by running downhill, especially if you over extend your foot beyond your hips (aka over-stride). I am a big fan of ChiRunning. You might want to check your library to see if they have the book "ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless Injury-Free Running". You can also find lots of articles online and even some vids on youtube that help explain the concepts.