Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heavy Weight

When I was in high school, to wrestle heavy weight, you had to be between 216 and 275.  I wrestled 215 when I was in school, and I was trying to drop to 189.  I remember seeing the kids that were up to 275 and thinking about how big they were.  I had to wrestle a few of them, just so someone on the other team had a chance to wrestle. 

I never thought I would be excited to be at the weight of a heavy weight.  I am at 275!  I know it's not an official weigh-in day, but I cheated and checked my weight and was thrilled to see that I am a heavy weight again!  My ultimate goal is to be back around the 215 weight class, but I will take the 275 proudly right now.

Boot camp was the hardest to date.  If that was the first class I ever went to, I would not have come back.  As I was thinking that, it was cool to realize that I survived and did well in such an intense workout.  Steve threw at us all sorts of crazy things, and I did it.  It's those victories that make this life change worth it!

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Dan said...

That boot camp sounds cool! Good Job