Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family in Town

My cousin, Stephanie, and my Aunt Char are in town the next few days, and I took Friday off and spent time with them.  No worries, I did go workout.  I ran a mile and walked another mile and a half.  It was a lot of fun with Steph.  We had a good talk.  Then we did some boot camp workouts to finish the hour. 

Today Jenn, Stephanie, and I woke up at 5am and went to the Frisco Rail Road 50 mile, 50k, Marathon, and 10 Mile and helped at one of the water stations.  We got to the Willard Middle School and picked up the table, water, and food.  We filled up the cups and got set up at the 7.5 mile marker.  I brought my nice camera and took about 100 pictures, and I will post some of them later.  There were some great runners there.  It was very cool to see them out and working hard.  I am going to try to help out with more!

They also gave us volunteers a nice tech shirt.  They even put my name on the back because I volunteered!

I have my weigh-in this Sunday.  I am not too excited about it, because I have been eating a little more than normal because of family being in town.  Oh well.  I am still losing the weight and living healthy! 

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Kate in Technicolor said...

I love that you are weighing in once a month! I like the pressure this takes off of being a certain weight and instead focuses on the goal of being HEALTHY and FIT! Good for you! I am going to adopt this new idea as well! LOVE IT! Keep rockin' C-rosby!