Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall is in the air!

How is everyone this morning!?!  It is another great day today!  I had a really nice run with Amy today.  We ran together last Wednesday on the same route, and we shaved a minute off per mile from last week's run.  We rocked it!  I enjoy running with Amy, and I am excited to see how we get better and faster!

I am excited for several things right now...
- This weekend, we are hanging out with some good friends that we have not seen in over a year!
- I am running the ADA Stop Diabetes 5k on 9/17.  Everyone should run this with me!  It is for a great cause, and it will be a great time.  See details here.
- I am working the Branson Ironman Expo 9/17 and then handing out medals on 9/18 at the finish line.  I am very excited to see all those Ironman finishes!
- On Oct 2nd, I am helping with the Kickin' Route 66 50 mile, 50k, Marathon, Half Marathon.  I am working two of the aid stations with some help from my wife and friends.  I am also a little nervous, because I am in charge of the marathon start in Willard.  I am sure it will be fun, and we will do a great job. 
- On Oct 22, my best friend Davey is getting married!  (About time!) I will be traveling out for his wedding.  Any friends in Salt Lake that weekend I will try to get over to and say hi!
- Half Marathon on Nov 6th!

So many cool things happening.  I am staying busy and enjoying life.  Cannot ask for much more.  Well maybe a job that pays better, but that will come. 

What cool things do you have coming up?


Jeni Brown said...

You forgot one other thing! Your Anniversary!

it's all about pace said...

thank you for volunteering... Our sport would not be what it is today without great volunteers!

wam said...

It's very cool to read that you're volunteering at the races. As far as cool stuff coming up for me... I'm trying to squeeze in 4 half marathons (next up is the Air Force Half on Sept 17th), another triathlon (early Oct) and a couple of smaller (5k & 10k) races by the end of the year. Busy, busy... but also lots of fun. Will be nice to take a bit of a break through the winter though.

Becky said...

I'm going to Vegas in October, I'm starting a new quarter, and yeah. That's about it.

Terzah said...

Yay for volunteering! After our weekend, I'm sold. Good for you for helping out the runners. And that's quite a fun fall you have planned.

I can't really see too far past my marathon on the same day as your 5K (9/17), but I hope I get to do some shorter faster races this fall before I ramp back up again for my next big one, the Houston Marathon in January (my birthday present to myself for the big 3-9).

Have fun, Chris! I'm so enjoying your journey.