Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jenn's Half Marathon and the Weekend Recap

This weekend was a ton of fun!  Love three-day weekends.  On Friday night, I ran the NAMI 5k with Nixa Running! I ran with Mike, and it was his first 5k ever.  I wanted to take it easy because of my 10 mile run I had in the morning.  We had a really fun run, and he did great!  Nixa won the largest group award!

On Saturday, I ran my 10 mile run with the Galloway group.  It was a fun run, but the last two miles kicked my butt.  I really felt the 5k I ran the day before.  It didn't help that it was so hot and humid.  It was still a fun run, and I got to run with a lot of new people. It is always fun to hear everyone's story!

Sunday, the weather was amazing, and I wanted to go run. But it was a rest day, and I forced myself to take it easy.  Church was busy and hectic as normal.  Our three kids keep us on our toes.  Then we had a good time at my parents' house for dinner.

Monday was Jenn's first half marathon ever.  The weather was amazing, and the course was flat.  You could not ask for better conditions.  We talked to Shannon from Nixa Running and tried to see who Jenn could run with to maintain a good pace.  This was her first long race, and she didn't want to go out too fast.  She really ended up running by herself but did an okay job pacing herself.  She did the race in 1:46:15.  That is AMAZING for her first half.  She is going to shoot for a sub 1:40 at the Bass Pro half in November.  Here is the stats from our Garmin.  (She forgot to turn it off after the race.) She has only started running this last March. She is a natural!  I am excited to see what we can both do in the next few years!

Nixa Running!  Look at all that bling!

All Smiles Before the Race

Jenn Looking Strong at Mile 9
This morning's run was the best I have had all year!  I ran 4.7 miles, and I am not 100% sure how fast I did it, because I didn't have my Garmin with me.  But I was running quick and feeling great.  I did not stop and walk once.  I will run in 50 degree weather any day.  I ran with Tricia the last half of our run, and she didn't stop once today as well.  We both rocked it today.  Such a great feeling!  I am already excited for Wednesday's run!  I. LOVE. RUNNING!!!!


SupermomE12 said...

great job to both of you!! Jenn is a natural for sure! That is a wonderful time!! You should both be so proud of what you are achieving. ;)

it's all about pace said...

nice work... both of you!

Becky said...

If you like 50 degree weather, you should move here, that is pretty regular for us!

Terzah said...

So glad your weather has turned! Ours did too. I love running when it's chilly.

You and Jenn both rocked. What a great half marathon debut time for her! More good things ahead for you both--enjoy!

Kate in Technicolor said...

WOW! Go Jenn! What a rockstar! Here's a question for you guys... I know Jenn has a fast metabolism. She has always been able to eat with the best of them and still remain tiny!:) What is Jenn having to do nutritionally to keep up now that she is burning so many calories? Is she struggling with this? I am well on the other side of the pond, of course. I am trying to LOSE weight, but I still have issues trying to fuel my body, making sure I am getting enough protein, etc., while I go on long runs. It's hard sometimes to find the balance and to know what my body needs versus what I want. I was just curious to hear how a body type like Jenn's balances nutrition and exercise. Would make an excellent blog post! I would love to know! Tell her I say HELLO!!!!!!! And CONGRATS!!!