Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Way Too Happy At 4:45 AM

When I get into a routine of waking up early, it is no problem for me.  This morning at 4:45 AM when I was ringing Pat's cowbell at people, I realized that I might be way too happy in the morning.  I do not think most people are ready for that level of energy.  This is not the first time something like this has happened to me.  I used to work the 6 am shift at Melaleuca's call center.  Nick and I would be singing Newsies at 6 am while other people can barley keep their heads off their desks.  So needless to say, I was threatened with my life and should not ring the cowbell at 4:45 in the morning!  It's not my fault; I FEEL GREAT!!!

We had some people move in across the street this last weekend.  They have kids the same age as ours.  So after dinner, we let Micah go outside and run around with them, and then we took Paige out to play with their daughter.  They seem like a really nice couple, and we are happy our kids have friends that live close by.  The woman we met is also a stay-at-home mom, so we are hoping Jenn will have someone to visit with throughout the day.  The best part was that my kids went right to sleep last night!  We will let them go out and run around any day!

So on a different note, I am really bad about stretching. Shannon is going to yell at me for this, but I do not stretch.  I need to start stretching, because I have been really tight this week after my long run this weekend. Must start stretching.....
I need to stretch more!!


Aaron Blevins said...
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Aaron Blevins said...

Open the gates and seize the day
Don't be afraid and don't delay
Nothing can break us
No one can make us
Give our rights away
Arise and seize the day

Becky said...

I remember those mornings at was quite a shock to come in that early and have Newsies or Fiddler on the Roof being sung by your co-workers. :p