Friday, September 23, 2011

Half Day of Work = Great Friday

My body really needed a rest day today.  I slept well.  I did wake up at 4 am, but I rolled over and went back to bed and didn't feel bad about it.  It is my rest day!  I have a big day ahead of me on Saturday.  I am supposed to run 12.5 miles with my Galloway group Saturday morning and then a 5k that night in Joplin, but I am thinking about dropping that down to 10 miles and doing the 5k.  I might do the 12.5 and then just take it easy at the 5k.  Still not sure, so I guess I will figure it out on Saturday.  Who would've thought I would be excited to run 15 miles on a Saturday...  Not me, but I am!

Today, I am working a half day, because it is Grandparents Day at my son's school, and my in-laws are coming into town.  So I am heading home at noon to meet them before they go to his school.  Love short work days on a Friday.  We are having Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner tonight. I have to remind myself to eat healthy and hydrate for my run in the morning.  I do not want to be looking for a bathroom every other mile.


Candice @ I Have Run said...

Enjoy your half day today! And Hawaiian Haystacks sound yummy. I haven't had those in way too long.

And enjoy your run tomorrow!!

Becky said...

Rest days are always great.