Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

It is Thursday.  This week has flown by.  I am already over 50 miles for the month.  My 100 mile goal for the month is looking good.  Welcome to Three Things Thursday!

1.  Plainview was a lot of fun today.  Amy and I were running and just chatting it up, and before we realized it, we were 1.5 miles into our run and had already run up some good-sized hills.  It was such a cool feeling.  At that point on hill day, we would already be struggling.  We were able to run up several of the hills we had to walk a few weeks ago.  It was cool to see our progress.  We made good time and set a new PR for hill day.

2. Jenn and I are thinking about going floating in a few weeks with some of my friends from work.  We have not done something like that in so long, and it would just be a fun getaway for a night and float for a day.  So if the stars align and we are able to work this out, we will be floating!!!

3. I saw a guy have an accident in his pants today at the gym.  I felt really bad for him, and at the same time I thought he was "HARD CORE" for pushing himself that hard.  I am not sure hard core is the correct term if you are that close to a bathroom at the gym.  He full out number 2'ed in his pantaloons.  I was in the locker room when he came running in, tried to change and be all no big deal about it.  Let's just say it got real quiet in the locker room.  He put his stuff in a bag in his locker, showered, changed, and walked out like it was no big deal.  Chalk that up to another awkward story for the Meyer Center locker room.

Hare Core.. lol

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