Monday, September 12, 2011

Finishing Strong

I had a really fun weekend.  We were able to hang out with our friends, Kevin and Staci and their little girl, at the zoo.  Jenn and I both had really good run on Saturday.  I ran 8.5 miles and finished really strong.  We started the run late, and I needed to be back by 8 am.  We had a little less than a mile left when it was 8:10, so I just kicked it into gear and ran the rest of the way in quicker than I had started.  It felt really good to finish a long run faster than when I started it.  I also felt really good after the run, not exhausted like normal.

I am running a 5K this Saturday.  It is the ADA Stop Diabetes 5K.  If you live in the Springfield area, you should sign up for it.  It is for a great cause!  I have a goal to be under 35 minutes for this 5k.  I am pretty sure I can do this.  Shannon and I have talked about it, and she wants me to run my 5k pace on tempo day Wednesday and see where I am at mile 2.  The goal is to be at 22 minutes.  Love that I am getting faster and going further. 

A lot of my friends ran far this weekend and really rocked it.  It is so cool to see your friends progress and realize what they can do.  Great job to everyone who ran far this weekend!

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it's all about pace said...

"getting faster and going further" - you are a runner my friend! nice long run