Friday, September 16, 2011

Serving Others

I have not been making the best food choices as of late. I am really struggling, and it has been frustrating.  My running couldn't be better, but I am eating way too much.  Last night, Jenn and I had an argument, and I am known to use food as a stress reliever.  I knew that after we put the kids to bed, she was going to go the store.  I decided I was going to eat something.  It is still sad that I think that way.

When Jenn ran to the store, I started thinking about what I was going to eat.  I looked at our kitchen, and it was a mess from dinner.  We had to eat and run last night because of an activity at my son's school.  So I decided to do the dishes and clean the kitchen before I ate my snack.  I was still grumpy and frustrated with my wife when I started, but through the act of cleaning and serving, my bad attitude started going away.  By the time I had finished all the dishes, cleaned the table and counters, and swept the floor, I was in a lot better mood and didn't want to eat anymore. 

I was being selfish and thinking of myself, and I started falling into my old destructive behavior.  I learned a lesson in service last night.  I didn't eat, and I helped my wife.  Last night ended up being a good night.  The lesson of the day (I think I will need to keep learning over and over again) is you lose yourself in serving others.

I am really excited for Saturday morning and this weekend in general.  I am going to PR and get a sub 34 min 5k.  I am going to be working the Ironman expo and the race all this weekend.  Very exciting!

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