Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I think I am starting to annoy my coworkers.  All I talk about these days is working out, running and weight loss.  I eat, drink, breathe, and live it now.  I blog about it, I read about it, and I talk about it; I think it is starting to get to some people. 

I am making an effort to remember that most people really do not care, and I do not want to be annoying.  I just see their eyes gloss over when they ask how my weekend was, and I start telling them about my run and what I ate.

So on that note, I enjoyed boot camp this morning and really felt a burn.  I am excited about Wednesday's run!


Gail B said...

That's what blogs are for, right? We get to say what ever we want as much as we feel like it and then people can choose whether they "listen" or not!! I like your blog. thanks for it.

The Deckers said...

I agree with Gail I wouldn't follow your blog, if I didn't want to hear about it! Keep it coming!

C. Crosby said...

You are right and thank you! I love this blog and thank you for following. I am just going to be more careful about talking about it at work. :)

Jim said...

I would much rather hear about your weightloss and running than WoW and some staff of warlock doom.

You should sell Amway or something to curb the annoyance.

LittleBrownFamily said...

I enjoy reading it and find it motivational for me. I'm not doing nearly so well. Now that my youngest sister is married and all the family that stayed at my house has gone home, I'm hoping to get back into the groove again.

Moderation is good, variety is good. Tell your coworkers a little about the cute things your kids are up to, tell them about that awesome lesson in Sunday school :), or just say "It was great" and leave it at that...if their eyes gloss over, they aren't truly interested anyway.
Love you and your family, Chris, and I'm proud of your accomplishments. good luck with that and with other anjoyable things in your life. :)