Friday, March 18, 2011

Food Day = Stay In My Office Day

Today is Food Day here at work.  Everyone gets to bring in some kind of food.  I brought some Mexican-style rice Lilia Guevara taught me how to make when I lived in California.  It is the bomb by the way. (THANK YOU, HERMANA!)

I am 1.5 lbs away from a major milestone in my weight loss goal, so I am going to camp out in my office and hide from the food.  I might try to get all my work done and go home early. 

Ran outside this morning.  It felt GREAT!  It was in the 60s, and it wasn't windy.  I really enjoyed today's run, except for the running part.  It still is a great workout.  I cannot wait until I build up the aerobic capacity to run 3-4 miles and say, "I just did a easy 4 miles this morning."  I felt every step in my 2.5 miles today. 

The cool thing is that I look back on my Couch to 5k program and remember dreading a 10-minute run.  So I know there is progress, and I know I will get to the point where a 3-4 mile run will be something I will look back on and remember dreading.  Progress is great!  I hope I can report some good news after this weekend.

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C. Crosby said...

I am not doing as well as I should be!!! AHH