Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Evening Run

I missed my run this morning, because I was up late last night waiting for Jenn to get home.  I was so tired.  I got home from work tonight with the intent to go on a run but kept putting it off.  I ate dinner, then checked email, Facebook. traveled through time (look at my Facebook status for that story.) I just kept putting it off. 

That is when I looked at my running shoes.  They just screamed at me.  Get off your butt and run!  So I ran.  It was a perfect run.  I just ran for two miles, but the weather was great.  Micah needed 3 dollars for summer school, so I ran to the gas station, got the cash, and ran back.  The sun was setting.  The fireflies were out.  It was such a peaceful, therapeutic run.  It was the first time I ran in the evening, and I liked it. 

Let's stop making up excuses.  Get off your butt, and go do something!  Let's not put off what we need to do!  You will never know how amazing you will feel.

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~Becky~ said...

Love the summer. It is my favourite time of the year!