Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mountain Climbers

I hate/love mountain climbers.  They are a great workout but kick my trash.  Steve thought it would be a good idea to do about a million of them today in boot camp.  We did 20 seconds of jumping jacks then 20 seconds of mountain climbers four times.  Then, we did 20 seconds of planks and 20 seconds of mountain climbers four times.  After that, we did 20 seconds of crunches and then 20 seconds of mountain climbers four times.  We also did a lot of other things, but man... mountain climbers hurt. 

No fans this is not me, but it will be soon!

I am on kid duty all alone tonight.  It makes my wife laugh when I say I am babysitting my own kids.  She is going to the Michael Buble concert tonight.  First dinner with my parents and a few of their friends, and then she's going to watch Mr. Bubbly sing.  She deserves a good night out.  I am sure she will have a great time.  I am also sure the kids and I will be watching a lot of Disney shows tonight.  Maybe we will watch Cars to get them ready for Cars 2 this weekend.

I am also happy to report that my heel felt a lot better in today's workout.  It is a little sore right now, but I will continue to ice it, and take it easy.  I want to be ready for my 11 mile run this weekend.


~Becky~ said...

So glad your heel is feeling better! YAY!

SupermomE12 said...



Glad the heel is feeling better and hope your wife has a great night out.

And yeah... I hate mountain climbers and all the cross training stuff but it is good for us. :)