Monday, June 20, 2011

Hurt But Still Going Strong

Last Saturday, my training group ran 5.5 miles. My heel starting hurting again during the run. To help ease the pain, I rolled a frozen water bottle under my foot and took some Tylenol when needed. (Thanks for the advice, Cindy & Mom!) That helped a great deal!

Today, I decided to skip my run to take it easy. Instead, I used the elliptical by my mom and bike by my dad at the gym. It was a good for me since I was still able to get a great cardio workout, and it was low impact on my feet. I'm glad there are plenty of options for getting in shape. If I'm unable to go running, I can choose to do another activity instead.

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SupermomE12 said...

Cross training is a great idea. It will help prevent injuries and make you a better runner by making your body and muscles other than your running muscles strong. :) Hope the heel feels better SOON.