Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday's Three Things!

Well, it's Thursday, and I have started doing the Three Things Thursdays like a lot of the other blogs I read.  So here we go!

1. I had one of those what-the-heck-am-I-doing-at-the-gym-at-6 am moments today.  I rolled out of bed this morning just exhausted.  I went to bed a little late but nothing abnormal.  I just did not want to get going today.  Then at boot camp, Steve was having us do all these crazy balancing workouts that were just a little advanced for me.  I was frustrated, wanted to call it a day, crawl back into bed and wake up on Friday.  I guess you have to have days like that to appreciate the good days.  Let's hope work is better today.

2. My wife updated her blog last night.  Check it out.  She is a very talented writer and an amazing wife and mom!  The post is about how my stinker daughter likes to get into a little bit of trouble.

3. My son finished his last running class last night.  He wasn't feeling well yesterday, so he didn't improve his time, but that is alright.  He got a new tech shirt and is really excited for the race on Saturday.  We will make sure to post lots of photos. At one point in the class, Micah didn't want to run anymore, so one of the coaches asked him if he wanted to run with him.  Micah put his hand out and said, "Okay."  So Micah held Craig's hand and ran with him the rest of the way in.  It was very funny.

Life is good.  Wish I had a few more hours of sleep.  I think I will take a rest day tomorrow and spend sometime in the hot tub.  Saturday will be a big running day for us.  Jenn wants to have a relaxing Saturday night as well.  I am trying to talk her into doing something fun...  We will see how it goes!

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Jeni Brown said...

And don't forget your sister and Mom are doing the 5k with you Saturday!