Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day and Speed Work

I stole this from Richard Johnson who is in my running club.  I LOVE IT!

"National Running Day is today (Wed., 6/1/11). I see National Running Day as a special day for non-runners. [It] is THE day that you lace up some sneakers, and go out there and run/jog/walk a mile, the beginning of a lifelong romance between you and running. If you're already a runner, get out there and renew your vows."

Today was the first day of Speed Work!  I will be honest, I was intimidated by the thought.  People from the faster groups come and work on it, but I wanted to try it.  I am glad I did because it was a lot of fun.  Heather, the yellow team leader, was there, and we were able to run the drills together.  We were the only two yellow team members there.  It is nice to run with someone at your pace and level.  It doesn't hurt when they are a nice person as well.  We are going to try to get more of our team coming!

Have a great National Running Day.  Let me know how your run went today.  If it was your first, if you started up again, or if it was just another great run day, let me know!


Jeni Brown said...

I walked today its a start!

C. Crosby said...

Heck yeah! That is a great start!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed running drills with you! I think the reason I enjoy running is the people & their stories! That's why I continue to train with the Galloway group. Your story is inspiring & I can't wait to watch you finish your first MARATHON this fall! All the best in your journey -H