Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Things Thursday

It is Thursday.  One day closer to the weekend.  I am really excited about this weekend as well.  Let me tell you why!

1.  This Friday, I will be helping out with a 5k.  I have a long run on Saturday so I did not want to run in this race.  So I decided to help out instead!  I am really excited, because the OMRR and Nixa Running are putting it on, and I have enjoyed becoming active with those organizations.  I love the running communities. 

2. Saturday morning is my long run.  11 miles.  Let me repeat that.  11 miles.  That is the double digits.  I am nervous, because it is such a far distance for me, and my heal hurt a little today at boot camp.  I am going to take it easy Friday and have an enjoyable run on Saturday.  Just want to say it again.  11 miles..........

3. My parents are taking my kids to Cars 2 Saturday night.  That means DATE NIGHT!!!  We are going to cook a nice dinner and make banana splits after.  We would go out somewhere, but it costs a lot of money, and we are broke as a joke right now.  So we will hit up Redbox or watch some of our good ol' neighbors blow up some fireworks. 

I am excited for the weekend.  What do you have planned?  I love hearing from you.

Also, what kind of socks do you use when running?  I am needing some new ones.


SupermomE12 said...

Helping out at races is SO much fun! You will love it. ;) And yay for date night and yay for 11 miles. Double digits is BIG TIME! You will feel so awesome afterwards!!

Shannon C said...

I am looking forward to meeting you Friday night! 11 miles? Good for you. You're gonna look back on this and be so proud of yourself! Enjoy and take or
plant some hydration about halfway. Socks....anything but cotton. :0)

wam said...

I now just buy three types of running socks. I have a hard time saying which type is my favorite, as I pick the sock type depending on conditions (both the weather conditions, as well as how my feet are feeling).

So.. first off... I bought a three pack of moderately priced running socks. When I first started running again. They were like Asic branded I think. I started getting blisters in them when my runs regularly got past 5 miles or so. Running with blistered feet quickly got me over my aversion to spending money on the really nice socks.

I now run exclusively in one of the following socks:

Wrightsock Double Layer Running II socks. These socks are great. They are basically two wicking fabrics attached at anchor locations. This is great, because if your foot slips at all in your shoe, the force is transferred into a sliding motion between the layers of the sock, and not as friction against your feet. Thus... no blisters. These are my general go-to running sock and pretty much the only thing I'll run in for runs over 9 miles.

My other socks that I will us are wool based. Either Wigwam Silver Wool Runner or SmartWool PhD Running Light. I use my Wigwam socks when doing triathlons. They seem to absorb more moisture from the swim, plus they are more padded than the smartwool, which I find to be nice for going from bike to run. The SmartWool socks are also really nice. I use these regularly for training runs up to 6-9 miles. You might think the wool socks would be super hot. Oddly enough, they are actually very comfortable, both during the winter as well as the summer.

Also, if I do happen to have a blister on my feet, already, I'll tend to pick the Wigwam wool socks. Perhaps it's just a mental thing with me, but although the WrightSocks are great for blister prevention, once a blister has formed, I tend to prefer the extra cushioning provided by the thicker wool sock.

Anyway... that's what has worked for me. Hope it's useful to you.

P.S. A few blog posts ago you asked what folks do to reward themselves rather than splurge on junkfood. Well... a pair of really nice socks does the trick for me (even if I still have sticker shock when I realize just how much I'm spending).

P.S.S. For full disclosure, I haven't tried too many socks other than these that I have mentioned. Just cause I specified a particular sock model, doesn't mean the others in that line aren't also good.