Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 Superficial Reasons to Lose Weight

I saw this on Ben Davis's blog and thought I would share.

10 Superficial Reasons to Lose Weight.
Because we can’t always be politically correct.
- You don’t have to pull the seat belt as far to click it.
- Let’s be honest, chub-rub sucks.
- Far fewer sweat stains.
- Cartwheels are much easier (and graceful).
- No more pulling the shirt out of fat rolls when you sit down. (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.
- People don’t eyeball you questioningly when you take the last cookie/slice of pizza.
- You can put your shoes on like a normal person. For those of you that have never been obese, trust us, it’s really really hard to put shoes on.
- No more fat-tax ($2 for XXL and up shirts)
- No more pretending like you’re wearing a T-shirt over your bathing suit to “prevent sunburns.”
- Floors don’t creak as loudly. Sneaking up on people is much easier.

Today was a weights day.  It felt really good.  Steven and I decided to sprint a lap between rotations.  So we will do all 7 workouts then sprint 1/10 a mile and then do all 7 again.  I think next week we might sprint 2 laps.  It really added to the workout and felt great!  We are also thinking about doing jump rope.  Anyone know of any good jump rope programs?

I am 6 pounds away from my Feb goal.  I really hope I can get to it.  If not, that is okay because that is still pretty dang good!  Keep rocking it!


Paul Rone said...

I do a jump rope segment along with my weights I'll tell you about it, if you want.

wam said...

For a basic beginner rope program, check out:

And for a longer (10 minute) workout:

Also, is a pretty good resource.

I had tried integrating jumping rope into my home fitness plans, but it was actually harder than you might expect to find a good place to do it. The ceilings are too low downstairs where I do most of my home workouts. And jumping rope on carpet (upstairs) was kind of miserable. And jumping rope on concrete (in the garage) was hard on the legs. If you're going into a gym regularly, you might consider jumping rope on a basketball court or other floor surface that has some give but is still relatively smooth.

Miriam Lusk said...

You crack me up! Way to go Chris! Btw- Do you remember Sam Card from... uh forever ago when we lived at GReenbriar? Well- anywho, she sent me a whole bunch of pictures from that semester and It brought back such warm memories. Glad things are going well!

C. Crosby said...

Thank you! We are going to look into those and start doing the jump roap!