Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mind Over Matter... Lots of Matter

I finished my workout today!  I was able to get both sets of run/walk 90 seconds and run/walk 3 minutes in.  It was such a victory for me. 

My brother is a lot faster than me and I feel like I am holding him back when he runs with me.  So I encouraged him the last three minutes to run at his speed.  He took off and little fat, hungry, and lazy devil landed on my sholder and said "just stop, you can't do this."

Me: "Yeah I can, I need to do this for me"

Devil Chris: "It really hurts, and you were able to do most of it.. isn't that good enough?"

Me: "How can I change my life, if I always give up when its hard"

*Poof* Angle Chris: "Hey!  Just keep going and repeat after me, 'Work through the pain, work through the pain' and it will be over soon"

Me:  "YEAH!!"  *beep beep beep* 

Angle Chris:  "See, you just did it!"  

I worked through it, it was hard but I did it.  Guess what, afterwards I felt great!  I have a smile on my face and I will keep going.  I am not going to be one of the ones that start in January and quit in Feburary.  This is a life change.  All it takes is getting up and doing it!  Everyone who is working through something hard, remember to keep going and we can do it together! 

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Jim said...

Way to go... I gotta say you do not look good in red spandex with a tail. Keep squashin' that guy.

There is no way you can quit in February. You would have to run from all of us that would kick your butt.