Monday, January 17, 2011


Sedentary:  a : doing or requiring much sitting <a sedentary job> b : not physically active <a sedentary lifestyle>

For the last two and a half years, if you needed one word to describe Chris Crosby, it would be Sedentary.  Much sitting and not physically active.  I am paying the price for it now.  I am sure all of you heard the term getting the led out...  that is an understatment for me right now. 

Todays workout was killer. Run 90 seconds, walk 90, run 3 mintues, and walk 3 minutes and then do it again.  First time around felt good, but that second round of running 3 minutes killed me.  I almost finished the last full 3 mintues, but my knees started screaming at me.  I am trying not to be discouraged and I have years of bad habits to break.  I need to learn to run and work through the pain.  One step at a time and I know that someday I will realize my dream of being able to just run and really enjoy it! 


Jim said...

Glucosamine and Chondroitin!

Three weeks ago you could not run 3 minutes. Now you have done it not once, but almost twice. Huge improvement in 17 days.

Jared said...

Keep it up Chris! You're an inspiration!

wam said...

Great job Chris. Good to see you sticking with the program. One thing though, if you're knees are screaming at you, be sure to listen to the pain and not just push on through it. The pain is most often your bodies way of telling you brain that something is wrong. Sore muscles generally mean that your muscles are having to work and they aren't happy about that, you can generally ignore that kind of normal pain; sore knees may be more serious though. Just trying to "run through the pain" might work short term, but eventually, the underlying problem will start causing other issues or will eventually make running so unpleasant that it'd take a masochistic to continue running, and so you quit... A better strategy is to try and figure out what's causing the pain and address it early on. My best advice would be to go to a local running speciality store (with your running shoes/socks) and let them know about your knee pain and have them watch you run for a little bit. They may be able to see that you are perhaps over or under pronating, or have an incorrect footfall, or that your trying to "push off" with your calf muscles. Perhaps I'm just sensitive to knee pain because I dropped out of running for almost 15 years due to knee pain that got progressively worse until it got so bad that I swore off running altogether. Since resuming running, I look back and realize that I never tried to understand what was going on to cause the pain, I just tried out-lasting it, even though the pain was (likely) systemic to my running form.