Monday, January 24, 2011


When a person is addicted to something they are told to cut it out of their lives.  If you do drugs, you stop doing drugs and you remove yourself from those that sell and do them.  If you are addicted to alcohol, you stop drinking, and going to bars, ect.  I am not discrediting how hard it is to stop doing those things and I know people have fought their whole lives with it.  I am fighting with an eating addiction. 

I eat when I am stressed, board or idol. I am learning this more and more as I am starting my week 4 and changing my life.  I am learning more now that this is not something that will go away and it will be a constant fight.  That hardest part about it is that I have to eat.  I just cant cut it out of my life.  I just can't be around people who eat.   I am addicted to food and how it makes me feel when I eat it.  I really want to make exercise my new addiction.

I was able to finish day one of week three!  I was really happy about that.  I know that I can do the next three days and move to week 4 of the program.  I am really proud of my brother who started week 4 today and ROCKED it.


Jim said...

Congrats on Week 3!! It is good to keep those successes coming. It was a wise choice to master this week before moving on.

Angelina said...

I know exactly how you feel. I love eating. There is something so wonderful about how a nice juicy burger makes you feel. It's comforting. These types of feelings haven't come up hard yet, but I'm sure they will. I just have to keep going and pushing for what I want and that's to become healthier. I know you can do it! You are a strong individual and you have been doing an awesome job so far. Don't give up! I'm here if you ever want to talk! Love you Chris. Keep up the great work!

iBo said...

So what are you going to do to fight eating? I have a hard time not eating late night, right before bed. I get in that "crave food" mode and it's really hard to fight, but then when I wake up in the morning and I'm already feeling full, it just grosses me out. I'm curious to hear about any insight you have about that.

wam said...

The nice thing that differentiates an eating addiction from the other forms of addiction is that you don't need to give up that source of pleasure... you just need to improve it. Instead of opening up a bag of chips, I found I was able to slice up a sweet potato into wedges or disks, bake it and enjoy a healthy veggie snack. Likewise, instead of candy, I'm able to grab some mini-carrots or perhaps a greek yogurt, or even a small piece of dark chocolate (I particularly like the 10g pre-portioned Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Cranberries and Almond "bars".) Instead of ice cream, I'll grab a frozen smoothie-pop (made out of extra fruit/protein smoothies that I eat on weight training days). There really isn't anything wrong with snacking through the day, it helps keeps you from being ravenous for your main meals. The trick is to improve the kind of comfort food you use. I know that's easier said than done, but it is possible, and is a whole lot easier than if you had to totally go "cold turkey" on your addiction.

C. Crosby said...

Ivor.. It might sound really simple, but it just took me deciding not to eat after dinner. I am just drinking a lot of water. I know some people eat fruit or veggies and that helps.

I have been trying snacking on more healthy stuff throughout the day as well. Thank you for the advice!